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The Language of Bears
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message 1: by John (last edited Aug 18, 2018 10:15PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

John Eidswick “The Language of Bears is a smart, literate, odd, and skillfully written tour de force.” – Kirkus Reviews

The Kindle version of my rave-reviewed (sic) literary seriocomical historical fantasy about the BIRTH and DEATH of AMERICA is now subject to a Goodreads Giveaway sweepstakes*, which costs absolutely nothing to enter except for the two seconds it takes to click on the enter button. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ENTER!

Here is what it's about:

The peaceful life of 17th century New England Puritan farmer Adam Green is ripped apart when he finds a television set in the woods. His discovery enables madman animal-skinner and proto-industrialist Obadiah Broke to have Adam arrested for witchcraft and steal the magical black water (oil, that is) seeping onto Adam’s farm. A hairsbreadth escape from the pillory leads the young farmer to discover the incredible truth behind the strange land he lives in. Now it is up to Adam, a hunted fugitive, to find a way to defeat the monstrous forces threatening his home and the rest of the world. There is no hope unless he can learn…the language of bears.

Here is what critics are saying about it:

“The combination of world-building, character development, and expert plotting makes for a compelling yarn, but THE LANGUAGE OF BEARS is also more than that. It’s a novel with something to say. By drawing on Puritan America for inspiration, Eidswick is able to examine both the harmful legacies the United States has inherited from that past, as well as the things of value it has cast aside. Even though it’s set in an imagined town isolated in time and space, THE LANGUAGE OF BEARS is full of lessons for the present day. After reading BOOK ONE: THE POLYPS OF CHRIST, you’ll anxiously await whatever intrigue and wisdom Eidswick has planned for BOOK TWO.” –IndieReader

“This book is like reading a fairy tale after consuming a box of magic mushrooms…the surprise hit of the year. I loved it!” – Two Bald Mages

“The Language of Bears is delightfully original and satisfyingly unpredictable: highly recommended reading not for those who look for superficial action, but for readers who delight in finding an original voice that excels in alternative history and unique perspectives.” – Midwest Book Review

"Eidswick displays a brilliant command of dialogue, and his prose is poetic and filled with striking imagery: “The night sky was spotted with clouds, luminous bruises spread over the stars.” Strange, funny, and poignant, the story deftly wields this eccentric parable to examine a variety of philosophical, religious, and existential questions, such as the dichotomy between deeming the world as evil and worthy of punishment versus viewing life as a demonstration of God’s goodness." - Kirkus Reviews

*Sorry, available only to residents of the U.S.

message 2: by Shobhit (new)

Shobhit Shobhit (shobhitg) | 2 comments Unfortunately, it is not available to indian readers

message 3: by John (last edited Aug 18, 2018 10:16PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

John Eidswick Hi Shobhit Gupta, Thank you for your interest in my novel. Yes, regrettably, Goodreads Giveaways for Kindle books seem to be available only for residents of the U.S. I wish it were not so. I have edited the description to clarify this restriction.

I hope Goodreads changes this policy, because I would very much like to have people from other countries also have a chance to win ebooks (mine and other authors’). This includes myself, since I don’t live in the U.S.

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