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Lavan Zerach | 498 comments Mod
I was thinking about publication and chronological order when Lonesome Dove won our September book series poll. It occurred to me that members' preferences likely vary as to how they choose to experience a series. To accommodate everyone, I will always post topics for all books in a series simultaneously so that members may share their thoughts freely for whichever book whenever they'd like.

I always prefer to read a book series in publication order. My reasoning is this—I want to experience a story in the same way that the author envisioned and created it.
Like any artist, an author's skill develops and evolves as s/he continues. This is especially apparent in book series that span many years, sometimes decades.
Lastly, it's the best way to avoid spoilers. Sometimes, when a series is read in chronological order spoilers are given, because the author assumes that the reader has read the books as they were released.

Do you read book series in publication or chronological order? What is your reason for doing so? Please share!

message 2: by Tasha (new)

Tasha Until this series came up for our win, I always preferred to read in chronological order but after doing a little research and reading your comments above, I've decided to read this one in publication order as well. You make some great comments, things I've never really considered until this moment. I'm actually looking forward to reading it this way although not sure I'll be joining in with the first one as I've read it already not too long ago. I may skim through it and jump in on the next one.

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Lavan Zerach | 498 comments Mod
I'm glad, Tasha, and thank you!
I'm curious as to why you preferred chronological order before now. Do you feel there are positives approaching a book series in that way instead of publication order?

Are there other reasons, Loretta, in addition to those I've mentioned that you always favor publication order?

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