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message 1: by Hassan (new)

Hassan G | 14 comments Hello you guys
Would anyone be interested in initiating and forming a WhatsApp group for English books enthusiasts to bring readers closer and share our experiences and passions for the written word, be it literature or any other genre?

If so, I don’t mind starting one then posting the link here for anyone whose interested

message 2: by Hedaya (new)

Hedaya (misscoffee) | 2 comments راح اكون ممتنة اذا كان عندك لينك تقجر شاركه معي لقراء الكتب باللغة العربية

message 3: by Ossam (new)

Ossam Islam | 2 comments I'm very interested :)

message 4: by Hind (new)

Hind Al-Qahtani (hindoosh) | 2 comments Me, too. Me, too!

message 5: by إسراء (new)

إسراء Yaaaay it seems fun ! Doo it dooo it dooo it 🙈💜

message 7: by Abdulrahman (new)

Abdulrahman (aalrehan) | 17 comments Mod
Count me in :)

message 8: by Afra (new)

Afra Amir | 7 comments Can I join now?

message 9: by إسراء (new)

إسراء https://chat.whatsapp.com/5w0pwCACGNF...

Please join our English bookish group ☺️💜

message 10: by Fatemah (new)

Fatemah | 2 comments Im in

message 11: by Ahsen (new)

Ahsen Chaudhry | 3 comments Hi is this still active? :D

message 12: by Duaa (new)

Duaa Al Murbati | 1 comments I’m in

message 13: by Abdullah (new)

Abdullah Almuslem | 2 comments I’m in

message 14: by إسراء (new)

إسراء That link doesn’t work anymore.. I made a new group.
Interested ?
I still wanna ad it.

message 15: by Ahsen (new)

Ahsen Chaudhry | 3 comments Yes please !

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