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Raven, You know that's Lumine right? Not Aiden XD

Phoenix~They/Them Oh Aiden

Phoenix~They/Them I thought you wanted Lumine face claimed, sorry, um so Aiden the witch father in Lumine

Phoenix~They/Them My brain is not working rn sorry

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Wait. Lumine Is the name and the Face claim!
Aiden is the father and chaperone of Kody and Ayumi i'm about to make XD I'm so sorry for confusing you.

Phoenix~They/Them Okay so Im making Lumine

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Yeah XD Again i'm sorry!

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 27 comments Cordelia sounds amazing in terms of personality. I think her and my oc "Xander" would get along great

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Tamra  (pleasereadbiothankyou) Name: Madyson
Nickname (Optional):Maddie
Personality(At least 3 full sentences): She loves to play her guitar when she is bored. She enjoys drawing, sometimes she draws in class, but still pays attention. She also loves to hang out with friends during her free time.
History: (At Least 5 full Sentences or More.) N/A yet
Crush/Relationship: single
Type: (Ex: Werewolf, vampire, witch, etc) Werewolf
Interest: Girls lol, guitar, drawing,
Dislikes: N/A
Appearance(If you do a description, please be Detailed.): N/A yet
Other (Optional):N/A

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