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Angie Boyter (angie_boyter) | 38 comments Please add the about-to-be-published book, which I am reading now.
The Big Melt, by Ned Tillman
ISBN 978-1-7324841-0-8
234 pages
South Branch Press
Trade Paperback
THE BIG MELT – by Ned Tillman
Coming of Age in a Time of Changing Climates

Sleepy Valley is a town probably similar in many ways to the one where you live. Things are fine on the surface but no one is thinking about the future. Are you ready for what is about to happen to you and to towns all across the country and around the world?

Marley and Brianne, the main characters in our story, were not. Nor were their parents, their neighbors, or anyone in town. When they woke up on the day after their high school graduation they found their lives turned upside down as a series of climate catastrophes descended on their town. They struggle to find their voices and their purpose for living while attempting to save their family and friends, their town, and civilization as we know it.

The Big Melt engages, informs, and challenges readers of all ages to consider a variety of perspectives on what is rapidly becoming the challenge of the century: Now that our climate is changing, what do we do? This work of contemporary fiction, with a touch of fantasy and hope, will inspire you to care a little more about what might occur in your town in the not-too-distant future.
Fall 2018

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