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↳ Completed characters will be posted here to await approval. If a character is not approved, then that means the character is not following the proper quota/guidelines. Add as much information as you please.

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IM DAEHYUN  ────────────────────────────
preferably known as dae, he is a sixteen year old, five feet ten inches ball of awkward gangly limbs and bad puns. identifies
as a cismale and uses he and him pronouns, as well as bi with
demi tendencies. he is the son of the olympian hermes, greek
god of thieves and the messenger of the gods. he doesn't have
any godly abilities or any special skills. resembles park jisung.

If it wasn't obvious, Daehyun is awkward as hell. It probably has something to do with the fact that his 'normal life' was taken away from him right when he was starting puberty and his mom left him in the hands of Edwin — whom he freely calls his father because his actual dead is, y'know, dead — and Daehyun isn't even sure if she's still alive at this point. Talking to him is a difficult thing to do, because he'll freak out and make an accidental dick joke or a really bad pun. Not to mention, he has an awkward body to pair with his awkward personality. He's not combat-inclined, at all, and that's because he's too lanky and has two left feet.

Sometimes, he doesn't feel like he fits in. The Hermes kids are infamous for their stealing and their pranks, but Daehyun doesn't like to participate in that, and he feels like he can't connect with his siblings because of his reluctance to be exactly like them. Also, they got a hold of chemicals a few months ago and he woke up to his hair being electric blue, which it was stuck like that for almost half a year. It's blond now, which he's fine with, but he's afraid to sleep in his cabin and wake up with possible green hair.

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ALINA HARROWx" ali "daughter of the goddess of magic and necromancy, Hecate

female16power to sense death: when it's coming and going
STRENGTHS fistfights; sneakiness; stealingWEAKNESSES planning; guns; making friends

BASIC INFORMATION alina is a sixteen year old bi girl. She is a camper that looks akin to Elizabeth Cappuccino. She’s tall and skinny from her years of undernourishment on the streets. She has very little muscle mass and has difficulty carrying moderately heavy objects but can really pack a punch. She has long navy blue hair with naturally black roots and two tattoos on her shoulder blades- one tally mark for each of her dead family members. It’s like she’s keeping count of all of the people she loves that are killed by hunters. She always looks tired and sad, but that’s only partially because she has rsf (resting sad face).
Alina is very useful as an aid in the infirmary because she can tell the healers who needs the most attention based on how much death she can sense around them. She can also be useful as backup in a fight because she knows who is about to be killed and can attempt to stop it from happening.

BACKSTORY alina didn’t have the best childhood, but the first eight years of her life were splendid. She lived in a small but cozy two-room apartment with her dad and older brother, Chris. Her father was wonderful at being a dad and was an all around good human being. Chris was an angel of an older brother and was always looking out for his shy little sister. Her happy little world was shattered when hunters killed her father on the way home from work. Alina and Chris both immediately felt his death, but Alina had no idea what the stabbing pain in her chest was until years later when she felt it again. Chris was old enough to understand both his powers and their situation, and he quickly packed up his sister and their essential belongings and got them out of their home before they too were killed.
Alina and Chris lived on the streets together for the next 7 years without too much happening. This could be considered the training montage portion of Alina’s life. She learned how to fight and scavenge, and Chris taught her all about their family and necromancy powers. She was quiet and reserved all of the time, leaving any conversation with other homeless teens or passersby to Chris. She learned how to be so invisible that people walking down the street wouldn’t even see her watching them from an alley. Sometimes, Chris would even have to scan an alley two or three times before he spotted her. Every once in a while, she and Chris would come across gangs or homeless kids who had become feral in their time away from society. Over time, people messed with them less and less as they became notoriously good at winning fights unscathed. They would occasionally have to steal clothes and food, but only when they were desperate and out of full dumpsters. Alina liked to steal navy hair dye- a habit that she never fully outgrew, and one that Chris despised.
Alina’s life was completely disrupted again when Chris was killed by hunters. He had been stealing an apple from a street vendor while Alina watched from around a corner when a hunter caught and shot him. That was the moment Alina knew what the stabbing pain in her chest was- loss. She turned and ran from the streets of her city and didn’t stop until she ended up at the camp.

ALINA NOW after she adjusted to a life of actually having food and a bed, Alina became a pleasant person to be around. She tries to keep the brooding and restlessness to a minimum when she’s in public, but when she goes into full-on grief or homeless mode, she’s impossible to be around. She has a bad habit of stealing blue hair dye when she could easily just buy it, and she will sometimes hoard food from the dining hall. The camp counselors tried to be understanding about her habits, but by now they’re just done with her. She is still very quiet, but she tries so hard to make friends and just wants to get along with everyone. She has a low tolerance for any rude behavior towards her friends, and she will hurt you if you hurt her or someone she loves. She’s good to have in a brawl or hand to hand combat, but when it comes to anything involving guns or knives, she’s useless. She doesn’t like to be around the feeling of death and dying, but if she thinks she can save lives, she’ll stay in the infirmary and assist the healers all day. Alina is a little rough around the edges and most definitely not what you would call book smart, but she tries.

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descriptionseini bennett

though seini grew up as a hawaiian local, she was only 30% truly native. that didn’t seem to matter to anyone else, though. she grew up playing in the kohala ditches with all the village boys and rowing the double-hulled polynesian canoes with the old people’s rowing club. she became as brave as to show her powers, eventually. in the darkest part of the kohala ditch tunnels, at the choppiest waters in the hawai’i-maui strait. just a little bit, here and there. everyone loved it — at least, until the man in red spread his ideas to the big island.
then, she was hunted.


seini has a different kind of magic. most of it is inside her.
although, she has the traditional kind too - called mana by hawaiians.
her personality draws people like tourists to the beach. she’s usually satisfied and chill. very outgoing, too, though she does have a bit of a bad-girl vibe. she’s never, ever afraid to get her hands dirty. she has a temper, though, and it’s fierce. she may be a bit too trusting, but she knows it. even after all of her family turned on her.
weaknesses : trusting , too lenient
strengths : compassionate , enthusiastic
orientation & gender : straight (mostly) , female
parent & role : hecate , camper
age : eighteen

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description[ MONROE YUANA PEREZ ]
descriptionchild of eris  ;  (view spoiler)

Monroe is... a bitch, if that wasn't obvious. Some Eris kids are naturally evil, so maybe she isn't all that bad, but then she presents herself with her natural demeanor and people question if she's just as evil but in a different way. Here's the thing: Monroe has always been like that, especially from childhood. It isn't for any particular reason other than she never had someone properly clean up her act.

You should probably know that her middle name is Nepali for sexual. Her father gave it to her unintentionally — he thought it sounded pretty, and it does — and then curious Monroe went to surf the web and search up what each part of her name means, and was very surprised to find what her middle name means. And it's kind of relevant to this day. Monroe is a "ho", a "slut", whatever it is you want to call her, and you can always see her waking up in a different cabin every morning. If the world is ending and there's the inevitability that everyone is going to die, she might as well go out with a bang.

And it's funny, because she's probably the laziest demigod at camp. She doesn't engage in camp activities or training, has zero combat skills, and yet Maggie never bothers to get her into trouble because Monroe is very unlikely to change to her habits. She loves being treated like this. It means she can sleep until noon and show up to lunch wearing whatever the fuck she wants (actually, that's a lie. She has a small thing for little kids, and doesn't want them to have to see her in one of our inappropriate outfits).

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ruby adler ; hollywood’s monster

her parents named her after a gemstone, which is surely what they thought she’d turn out to be. their sweet southern carolina peach, pageant queen. ruby, however, had bigger dreams. she began acting at twelve, when her drama class in school elected her as the leading role. she was the best in her class, for years. eventually scouts came, and non-play related drama ensued. she was recruited for her first movie a month later, and it was a hit. she quickly rose to small fame. she was living in hollywood with her own pool and designer clothes. she had everything she’d ever wanted.
and then, it all came crumbling down.
the demigod hunt began, and she was so caught up in it that she didn’t realize that she was one of them. her powers hadn’t exactly manifested yet, and she’d grown up with her so-called birth parents, so she didn’t know she was a demigod. she sure didn’t want to be.
so, when ruby set fire to the set a week later, it came as a surprise. she hid her powers for as long as she could and pretended she’d only dropped a cigarette. Of course, this only led to tabloids about smoking and such, but she suffered through it. until she decided to take another peek and lost control.

now, being born and raised in south carolina, most would think ruby is a peachy sweetheart. she’s very much not. though her acting career earned her vanity and a nose job, she never quite cared. she’s always been a bit too-cool, and that showed especially when she went into acting. ariana grande and zendaya weren’t exactly the best role models. she learned to be pretty slutty and just generally a play-girl, if there’s even such a thing.
ruby is, in summary, vain. she cares a lot about her appearance and reputation. she can be rude. she can be mean. she doesn’t care. her vanity, though, doesn’t mean she can’t be sweet. but her default is hollywood.
at least, on the outside.

. . bisexual . camper . nineteen . female . daughter of hephaestus . .
weaknesses . vain, temperamental, rude
strengths . secretive, a good fighter, able to hold her own
secrets . she’s in love with the sky. she hates her father. she misses her brother. she accidentally killed a toad once. she never, ever gets crushes. ever.

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Camper║██ ✾ Perry Starr ✾ Urania ✾ Sixteen ✾ Non Binary ✾


The biggest dork in all of New York City, maybe all of the united states is located here at camp half-blood. They are what most would call clumsy, and adorable. While being sixteen years old, they have the innocence and optimisim of a child. Astrology is extremely important to them, and frank believes that it should be to everyone else as well. I mean like, wouldn't you like to know if your friendships are compatible? Or if they're sneaky snakes? While they have been through quite a lot, they made a permanent decision to always play inspector gadget to find the silver lining. Unfortunately in turn, this has made them extremely trusting and gullible, always hoping that someone will be there to make things right, even if that means enduring tears at the moment.

For someone so unreasonably optimistic, life has treated them pretty shitty. They were born into one of the most acepting families alive. Or at least, they had been one of the most of acepting families before they were born. The Starrs were a relatively well known family. They had always been close to other celebrities, and in the eyes of the media they had always been protrayed as ghe picture perfect family. That was until her mother cheated after a hard night away from her family. While she had cheated on her husband, it had been with another woman, so she didn't think much of it until she found her stomach beginning to grow, and morning sickness reoccuring. Their birth was on the cusp of 'The Man in Red' and their mother wasn't an idiot. So the moment they were born, Perry's mother told her husband. From that moment on the Starr's were gradualy growing apart.

Their siblings would call them a homewrecker. Lock them in a closet for hours, the bullying only stopped whenever their mother or father would step in and scold them. As Perry grew to be older, they saw things that a child shouldn't normally be able to see. Men with one eye, wings spouting from anothers back, water quite literally grabbing others and dragged them down. It was when their siblings began to believe the things 'The Man in Red' told them. The fear taking over their minds, their hearts. It was then that Perry knew that their life was in danger. Grabbing all of the essentials that was required to be on the run, money, clothes, food, and their phone, they shimmied from their window and down the vines that grew on the back of their house and left.

Eleven years old isn't an age that someone should be supporting themselves at. Especially if 'supporting yourself' meant having one meal a day and having a shower every couple weeks, running from the law enforcers at least twice a month. Surprisingly they luckily ran into another demigod who was currently on the run on one of their monthly escapades. Though seeing their clothes Perry figured that they too had just escaped, but was instead answered with a delightful surprise. A camp. Filled with people just. Like. Them. While they were hesitant to follow the camper, it was there that they realized if it was the truth, then they would finally be able to live their life. That was all they could wish for.

| Likes
+ astrology
+ highkey in love
+ with the moon
+ romance doesn't exist
+ but also the biggest romantic

| Dislikes
- the man in red (obviously)
- people assuming anything
- dying their hair
- "but like- whats in your pants though?"
- they are in touch with their femine side-

| Fears
¤ all of the demigods dying
¤ of all "mythos"
¤ cuz. ya kno. thats genocide.

| Extra
● total sweet tooth

| Abilities
♤ None.

| Face Claim
☆ Fei Fei Sun

| Theme
○ Lucy - Still Woozie

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Camper║██ ✾ Syx East ✾ Athena ✾ Twenty ✾ Gender Fluid ✾


Syx East, is a professional smartass. He's been this way since he could speak. Like most Athenae, he's abnormally smart and tends to showcase this unintentionally, and... also intentionally. Most see Syx as an asshole, and while they aren't far off, that is simply his defense mechanicism. After all, cabin six isn't the friendliest, they believe their intellect provides too much of a wall, like a professor teaching to a brick wall, but for the very few ammount of friends he has, he would protect with his very own life. You can find Syx either hanging around the weapons arena sparring with his cabin leader striving to better himself. Many people are able to say that Syx is a pessimist in the best way. While he has clearly switched passed the point of simply being cautious, he isn't paranoid. Why did someone say something?

Unlike most of the campers, Syx actually grew up with the knowledge that he was a demigod and was constantly running back and forth between camp every summer, and to a regular New York City public school every winter to spring. It was just his father, a very kind man who always looked out for him, and his sister, only seven years old, but just as sassy as him. His life way legitimately perfect in his eyes. Not one place to go to feel understood and welcome, but two homes. Then the man in the red changed everything. Syx was too concernee with protecting his little sister and father in the short term, than he was in the long run. A couple of bigots were lucky enough to see through the mist and saw Syx pull out his dagger to protect against the growing crowd. He watched in horror as his father snatched him into the car and dragged him to the edge of the camp, to say goodbye for the last time. Ever since then, Syx has not only been more reserved, but colder, and when he finds someone he loves, either platonically or romantically, he pushes them away. Too afraid to let a stupid mistake of his ruin something he cherishes and loves.

| Likes
+ educating others
+ listening to k-pop
+ SVT bitch
+ like who gave them the right???
+ to look that damn good.
+ probably an apollo kid
+ seeing new demigods arrive

| Dislikes
- being vulnerable
- someone being smarter than him
- which is a rarity of course
- and they were put back in their place
- but once is enough to realise
- you don't like something

| Fears
¤ someone he trusts betraying him

| Extra
● Tends to lean more toward to He/Him pronouns

| Abilities
♤ Above average IQ
◇ Telumnkenesis: ability to manipulate weaponry.
- only occurs within items such as Celestial Bronze

| Face Claim
☆ Damaris Goddrie

| Theme
○ Peek-A-Boo - Red Velvet

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WALLACE PRICEx" wally " pan son of the goddess of victory, Nike

male20power to win competitions/battles with ease
STRENGTHS strong; confident; fitWEAKNESSES rude; narrow-minded; shallow

BASIC INFORMATION wally believes that he is humanity’s greatest creation. He grew up winning all the time, and it gradually rubbed off into his personality until his ego was the size of a hot air balloon. He is so full of himself that he gives off the air that he is too self-interested to notice anything happening around him (which he really is like most of the time). The only time he’s ever serious is in a crisis or when Amanda forces him to be. People want him on their side of a fight when he’s actually trying because he’s so likely to win. His mother’s influence makes him good at planning and acting out a winning plan (most of the time). He can beat those around him at almost every sport and fighting technique because of his natural affinity for winning and because he’s been training in sports and fighting his whole life. His lack of interest in the lives of the people around him turns him into a rude and egocentric fool. It’s almost impossible for him to make friends because he so obviously cares very little for people who aren’t named Wally Price. He doesn’t care that people don’t like him because he knows that he’s valuable enough at any place he decides to live that they’ll have to stand him. He is his own best friend and doesn’t plan on changing in his ways.

BACKSTORY wally’s life started like any other kids. He had two parents (or a dad and a stepmom) and two sisters who loved him very much. His life became more stressful when his parents died in a car accident when he was 6. He and his sisters were sent to foster care where he was almost immediately split from his 10 year old sister, Cath. He hasn’t seen or heard from his older sister since that day. He and Amanda tried to find her but they came up blank. All he had left was his twin sister, Amanda, and his memories. He and Amanda moved all across the country, living in both happy and abusive households until they were 18 and old enough to live on their own. Wally barely graduated from high school and almost went to college with a sports scholarship before he realized that he would still have to do schoolwork. Instead, they got an apartment in New York where Wally worked at a fast food joint and a grocery store. He practically lived at the gym that was a block away from the apartment. They stayed there until Wally blew their demigod cover by being too obnoxious with his victories in a series of basketball games with some of their neighbors. They were on the run until the made it to the camp where they currently reside.

WALLY NOW wally is still the same person at the camp that he was in the real world. He still loves sports, fighting, and himself. He’s a nuisance to everyone around him, but he’s extremely valuable in times of crisis. He hangs out at the combat stadium, waiting for people to challenge him and lose.

fc: Eka Darville

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AMANDA PRICEx" " aro-ace daughter of the goddess of victory, Nike

female20no known powers
STRENGTHS extrovert; fashion design; calmWEAKNESSES weak; strategy; overlooked

BASIC INFORMATION amanda is a very laid back person. When she was in high school, teachers thought that she was on drugs because she was so calm all the time and because she was friends with the art kids, but she has never been into that. She still has the ability to get excited and feel strong emotions. It’s just harder to discern when she’s feeling the when you don’t know her too well. She does get noticeably excited when she’s talking about fashion and designing clothes. She has always wanted to be a fashion designer, and all of the clothes she wears were designed and created by her. She is delighted when she gets a compliment on something she has made, and is more than willing to make clothes for others as long as they spread the word that she’s good at making cute clothes. She doesn’t have any abilities from her mother, and sometimes wonders if she even has a godly parent. That thought doesn’t pop up often because her twin brother is very obviously a child of Nike, and Amanda is very much his sister. She leaves all of the physical activity to Wally while she is the more studious of the two. She’s content to just go on her morning runs and then sit in front of a sketchbook and sewing machine all day.

BACKSTORY amanda lived through the same childhood as Wally. Her parents died when she was 6 and she lived in foster care until she was 18. She made friends with kids everywhere they moved, and was always heartbroken to leave them. She discovered her passion for fashion when she was in middle school and took a home ec class at every high school that offered it. She graduated with high grades and went into a fashion school while living in an apartment New York. She worked in a department store when she wasn’t doing school related activities, and was too busy to be social. She was furious with Wally when he forced them into hiding, and didn’t speak to him for two whole weeks. She lightened up when they made it to the camp and she had the time to do what she loved again.

AMANDA NOW amanda is the resident fashion expert at the camp. She’s the one that people go to for clothing and clothing advice, and she loves it. She even started to make clothes that are more efficient and sometimes crucial for battles. She refuses to call her battle gear armor, even though that’s exactly what it is. She enjoys talking to the people around her, and wishes to have a full studio or gallery or store for her clothes.

fc: Logan Browning

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bb (boxboy)

JOSEPH FREY, ft. noah centineo

    Theme: Moon River // Frank Ocean
    Description: At nineteen years of age, Joseph has an impressive physique, standing at 6'0" and proudly boasting a well-defined body. Despite that, he is still one of the smaller kids in the Hephaestus cabin. He would like to think of himself as one of the gayer ones, too, and feels a little threatened when any other Hephaestus kid gayer than himself comes along.
    Personality: Joseph can be blunt and uninterested in people, more by choice than out of any lack of social awareness, a shortcoming that only gets worse when he's in the middle of his work. On the flip side, he can also be overbearingly charming when he wants to be, often laying it on too thick and driving off the object of his attention. He's not a man of honor, sympathy, or really any apparent redeeming traits, but he's not a bad person deep down. He's far from cowardly and would still fight and die in battle next to his family should it be called for.
    ▹ Friends with Badger's Maggie FC



    History: (view spoiler)
    Description: Unlike a majority of his cabin-mates, Joseph is not much a fan of the forges or mechanical intricacies. His inherited passion is for marble and clay and anything he can sculpt. While pretty good at it himself, he loves viewing the work of others, developing an interest in a lot of artworks alongside the sculpted work he adores.
    Abilities: ⅰ. Volcanic Intuition, an utterly useless skill, all things considered, he can sense nearby volcanoes and volcanic activity; ⅱ. Technokenesis, he can quickly understand how a machine is built through touch, but just because he knows how something is built does not mean he can do anything with it; ⅲ. Artistic Aptitude, although not a superhuman gift, he has intuitive insight into what needs to happen to an art piece for it to reach the desired result-- as long as it's his desired result.

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