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Is Lissa a goodfriend to Rose ?
The Doll The Doll Aug 18, 2018 01:15PM
I battle back and forth with whether or not Lissa is a good friend ? She does somethings that I couldn't get behind but it was clear she loved Rose .So now I would like to hear other's thoughts .

I think that she ultimately does love Rose but follows what she believes even when that sometimes effected her relationship with Rose

I think she is a good friend and their friendship was one of the things I really liked about the book. She feels like she isn't able to do anything for Rose so she has that guilt and does what she has in her power to do.

As a character, I didn't really care about Lissa. She was kind of bland and felt like a background character.

She is a good friend. Even before they bonded, I mean that was the reason for it, right? She saved Rose. Rose is a part of her even before that event. There are just some factors as to why people think she's not as good friend as Rose was to her.

1. We are reading in 'mostly' Rose's point of view
2. She's the last of her family, it's like she's been burdened of upholding their great name while suffering from the lost of her family
3. Her gift makes her a bit unstable. But useful at times to help Rose (though we have to admit that it was always Rose who saves the day)

I think that Lissa does care for Rose but Lissa seems to care what other people think of her and she is easily persuaded by her peers even if it isn't healthy for her.

I think that Lissa realy likes Rose, but she doesn't think that her friendship is as important as what she is currently doing.
Thus I'd say she isn't a good friend.

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Chiara yh i think that too
Mar 08, 2019 06:33AM · flag

i sometimes think that rose is in a way better than her 1000x. i only say that because in some cases she should've and could've done way more but she stuck to waiting for rose to act or do something. Like i need to clarify this. Lissa is not a bad person but she's not a good friend enough for rose. Rose sacrifies her own life, wether on the brink of death or in normal cases rose puts lissa first but i've never seen lissa do the same. what i mean to say rose always loses for lissa. but never does lissa loose anything conventional even in her bad times.

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