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Rachel Ruiz The book “Big Little Lies”, by Liane Moriarty, begins with a single, young mom named, Jane. Leaving and not looking back from all her friends and family, she moves into a small town where her life is about to take a deep and unexpected turn. Jane has a secret which she has never told anyone about. Therefore, she is traumatized after that incident and is forced to keep living with that fear. Jane meets and becomes very close with two mothers, Madeline and Celeste. Madeline is a funny and audacious woman who has two girls and a husband. Madeline had once been married to another man who never really cared about his marriage until another woman came along. Celeste is a beautiful and sophisticated lawyer, who all the mothers are jealous of. Celeste has a perfect big house, ideal twin boys and an adoring husband, or so that’s what everybody thinks… In reality, she holds onto a secret that makes her crazy and it is slowly killing her inside. Despite that, no one seems to take notice. Jane’s sweet son, Ziggy, soon becomes accused of hurting a girl his age and Jane is left heartbroken because there is nothing she can do to help. She is constantly getting threats and other mothers coming together telling her to take her son out of school or their children will isolate her son from everything. Rivals start between the mothers; so much hatred begins to grow and doesn’t seem to end. Almost everyone wants Jane and her son to go back to wherever she came from. As time passes by, Jane grows stronger because she has people by her side who support her.
Parent’s Night comes along, a night every parent looks forward to. Parents can relax, have fun, and entertain themselves without their children. However, something terribly dark happens that night that nobody can ever mention again. Someone is murdered. Who did it? Who was the person they killed? Soon all the mothers who have been fighting, end up being in the same situation they never would have expected to be in.

Mirkat Did you post your review as a book discussion because you don't know how to post to community reviews on the book page ?

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