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message 1: by Diana (new)

Diana Coombes | 43 comments I have beta read before and am available for beta reading. I have sent the first few chapters of my story to an editor, so I have time to beta read for another writer. The only thing that I do stipulate is that it has been checked for grammar mistakes before sending to me. It distracts from the reading of the story and takes longer to beta read.

message 2: by David (new)

David Burton (goodreadscomdcburtonjr) | 16 comments Hi Diana,
I'm looking for a Beta Reader for a revised edition of a psychological thriller, Fear Killer.
It's a bit graphic in a few scenes if that's a concern.
You can email me at or reply here.
Thanks for considering Fear Killer.

A cautionary tale, the psychological suspense novel Fear Killer is the story of Emily Perrit, a beautiful but timid young woman victimized by an abusive, adulterous husband. When Emily is attacked by an intruder in her home, she surprises herself by fighting off and finally killing the man. Seeing the fear in his dying eyes, something snaps inside her. She has never made anybody afraid before. She is no longer willing to be a victim. Her need to see that fear again soon becomes an obsession, with deadly consequences.
A Female Detective, Martha Newton, helps her as a victim as she hunts her as a killer.

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message 3: by Reading (new)

Reading _ Beee  | 3 comments Hi Diana,

My name is Brittany and I am looking for a beta reader for my YA Paranormal book.

A short summary-

Scarlet has always been a half of a whole, until the night her twin, Cecily, goes missing. Now she must search for her sister when everyone else has given up, strangers show up in her small town, and occurrences seem to be happening that no one else notices. Can she find her sister, or will she lose herself in the process?

If you are interested I was hoping you can take a look at the first few chapters and just let me know if it's interesting, if it's something you would want to continue.

Please let me know if you would like to take a look. Thanks,


message 4: by J.R. (new)

J.R. Alcyone | 303 comments Glad to see you progressing on your story, Diana! Thank you for reading for me last year; I'm publishing in October. :)

message 5: by Djj (new)

Djj Mizzi | 7 comments Hi. I have an 82,000 medieval YA fantasy. Please message me if you're interested or e-mail me:

If you finish the MS all you'd need to do is fill in a short five minute survey for me. That's the only feedback I ask. It's really easy.

Anyway, here is a short synopsis: Naphtali is an ordinary boy, who lives an ordinary life as a blacksmith’s apprentice with his aunty in the city of Aldun. Naphtali hates it, he yearns for adventure. But Naphtali has no overwhelming skills, nothing that makes him stand out; there seems to be no way of escaping the mundane grip that life has on him. The Dragon Slayers are quiet and mysterious although their skills are renown throughout the land. They keep to themselves. They don’t talk about their guild. They don’t talk about their training. Torin is one of those Dragon Slayers. One night, Naphtali finds himself locked outside the city gates with his cousin Korah. Torin is also sent out that night in hunt of a dragon causing trouble in the farmlands. When the dragon attacks Naphtali, Torin watches unseen from the shadows, curious as to how the boy will handle the situation. There was nothing special in the way that Naphtali moved, nor in his fighting technique and ability; but Torin sees something in Naphtali that cannot be taught. Absolute persistence. Torin saves Naphtali, and leaves him with an offer to join the Dragon Slayers.

message 6: by Evette (new)

Evette | 43 comments Hi!

I saw that you are interested in beta reading. I have a YA 120k literary fantasy. It is more literary than fantasy though. It has some philosophical and theological elements and is more like a social commentary. It is mainly character driven, although there is a plot that moves at a good pace.

The story is about a girl named Hanayah looking for her father after he left her at an orphanage. While looking for him she stumbles upon some new information from a book which is the basis of their society and makes a quest with her friends to a country that broke off from her homeland many years ago and created their own country. There is no sex, gore, or swearing. She travels across her land to many different cities and meets with a smuggler who she must convince to take her to the other land. If you need more details on the plot, I can but I'm not sure if you want too much before going in.

message 7: by Jasper (new)

Jasper Whitted (notafunsucker) | 15 comments Hi Diana,

Are you still looking for projects to beta read?

Here’s what I’m working on:

There’s an urban legend that people born precisely at midnight experience a 25th hour in their day normal people are unaware exists and freeze during; however, contrary to what’s typical—that this extra hour is a time for unsupervised and unpunishable adventure and mischief—my spin on the myth is that the 25th hour is a curse due to violent monsters that attack anyone awake during this time each night. As a result, all Midnighters, those born at midnight who experience the 25th hour, must be taught to survive it starting at age six.

Here’s a blurb:

Quinn is an eighteen-year-old Guide who receives his assignment of a Follower, a six-year-old he is given the task of protecting and training during the 25th hour each night as is required by the Midnighters organization. All Quinn wants is to move on from a past that plagues him and find inner peace, to not look in the mirror with complete abhorrence, but when he finally begins to make progress by developing a romantic relationship, he is sucked into an escalating series of events. Quinn is left questioning if perhaps there’s something going on behind the scenes that he never knew about. He unknowingly uncovers deception, hidden motives, and a whole conspiracy he never dreamed existed, all while trying to pilot his way through emotions he’s suppressed for far too long.

And some disclosures:

The underlying theme throughout the novel is self-acceptance combined with navigating the perils of love and loss. My completed novel is the first of a science fiction-romance series I call “Midnight’s Curse”. Its specific title is, “Midnight’s Curse: The 25th Hour” and my intended audience is New Adults (late teens-mid-twenties). The book itself is 102,000 words and contains curse words, sex scenes, and violence.

If you’re interested or would like more information, please send me an email to Thanks so much!


message 8: by Brian (new)

Brian Christopher (brianchristopher) | 29 comments Would you be interested in a classic mystery/thriller? "The Puzzlemaker"

After 10 years service as a cryptographer with MI6 during the cold war, the extremely shy and reclusive George Withers becomes editor and compiler of the Sunday Times crossword.
30 years later and now in his 60's, an old MI6 colleague asks him to place a code within the Sunday Times cryptic crossword puzzle. Unknown to him, this results in a number of gruesome deaths. The father of one of the victims discovers the puzzle maker had something to do with his son's death, and goes on the hunt. Now George has to solve his own puzzle to save his own life.

It can be picked up here:

message 9: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany (turnerharrison) | 11 comments Hello! Are you still available? I've got four (second draft) chapters ready to go. Grammar and punctuation all straightened out. Under 9,000 words. It's YA/contemporary teen fiction. Target age 13-19.

[Working Title] The Truth About Ladybugs

A short synopsis:

At nineteen Everett Evan has worked hard to become one of the biggest stars in the world. This makes him a target for opportunists like Frank Huntley, an old family friend who has been blackmailing Everett's stepfather. When Frank contacts Everett demanding more money, he decides to put a stop to the blackmail. He agrees to do a televised interview where he reveals the shocking secret Frank discovered. Revealing this long held secret creates a deadly chain of even that shatters Everett's world. But Everett has another secret. There's something else he's hiding. Will breaking his silence destroy all that he has worked for -- or, will it at long last, set Everett free?

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