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August 2018: Espionage > The Alice Network - Kate Quinn - 4 Stars

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message 1: by Ann☕ (last edited Aug 18, 2018 04:08PM) (new)

Ann☕ (ann_reads) | 175 comments The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

This book initially caught my attention because it was a Goodreads Choice Awards nominee for historical fiction. Parts of this story are based on historical fact, including a successful female spy network employed during WWI. Some of the factual events and real individuals are detailed in the Author's Note at the end of the book. I always appreciate a chapter devoted to historical information being included in a fictional novel.

The author used a dual timeline, one set in WWI and devoted to telling the story of The Alice Network. A substantial amount of the book was also set during the end of WWII. Most of the characters in the second timeline were fictional, with the seemingly necessary wealthy socialite and romantic love interest thrown in. At first I was worried the second timeline was largely gratuitous or filler material but eventually Kate Quinn managed to successfully interweave the two stories together. Well, at least I didn't roll my eyes at the conclusion of the book. I was far more intrigued by the WWI story and often wish authors would focus on a single historical event or character.

I gave this book four stars primarily because it held my interest and Quinn is a good writer. The historically accurate parts of the book devoted to Alice Dubois were both riveting and sad. I was in awe of the individual female spies, especially their courageous actions and resourcefulness. The second timeline proved to be a distraction for me though and I would have appreciated a story entirely devoted to the spy ring during 1915.

message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy | 9326 comments Glad you enjoyed it. It was a favorite of mine. Lovely with you.

message 3: by Ann☕ (new)

Ann☕ (ann_reads) | 175 comments Thanks, Amy. I didn't quite like it enough to add to my favorites shelf but I can understand why some readers loved the book.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Perhaps this is strange but every time I see that someone has read this I get a little excited. I loved this book so much. She has another book coming out next February. I think for a first time author she did a great job and I loved the historical facts. Great review.

message 5: by Ann☕ (new)

Ann☕ (ann_reads) | 175 comments Rachel wrote: "She has another book coming out next February...."

Thanks, Rachel! I didn't know that. Another book to keep on my reading radar. :-)

message 6: by LibraryCin (new)

LibraryCin | 9052 comments hmmm, will have to watch out for the new one.

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