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Islands of the Black Moon
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Children's fantasy, girl spends summer with aunt where she discovers a treasure chest with three mysterious magical bottles and is transported to a magical island that is ruled by an evil queen and she must save them. Spoilers. [s]

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Vee (notoriousreader) | 2 comments This book was for sure published before 2008. I remember reading this book somewhere from 2006-2008 (I don't have the best memory).

Pretty positive the author was a female.

Cover of the book: had a blue and gray colour scheme with a flying horse on the cover. The main character, a young girl, was on the horse's back and I believe there was a moon in the background.

The book was relatively thin (lengthwise and when you held it by its spine) and was published in English.

Plot details: A girl who's father has never returned from the sea and has been missing for years goes to spend the summer with her aunt. At her aunt's place, she discovers a treasure chest, opens it, and sees three mysterious looking bottles. She opens one bottle and she is transported on to this magical tropical island. She quickly makes friends with a young boy, from whom she learns that the island's people have been trapped and ruled by an evil queen. She sets out to help save the people and to find a way to go home.

I guess below are spoilers as I'm just going to go extremely in detail about the plot and what I remember.


So when the girl first gets transported to this magical island, as a result from opening the bottle she finds herself on a sandy shore. I remember a scene where she has to go to a lighthouse and I'm not sure what exactly for. Anyways I do remember the ending. She battles it out with the evil queen and defeats her with some help from people and frees the island's people and its king. It is then she discovers her father has been a prisoner of the evil lady and he has been alive all along. She then goes home with her father by boat travelling across the oceans through a misty portal.

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Vee (notoriousreader) | 2 comments Andria wrote: "Islands of the Black Moon ?

Islands of the Black Moon  by Erica Farber"

Yes this is it! Don't know how you found it so quick when I've been searching for this for a long time! Thank you! :)

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