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message 1: by Aitch (new)

Aitch Diamond | 30 comments Mod
Discussion on the services you receive. Firstly I am the moderator not your mother, so if you have a problem with your service, please keep it polite and professional, and unless it is a serious problem, I would rather you didn't bring it to me. This is the internet. We all know there are people out there that want your money and do not know what they are doing. Bad advice is worse than no advice at all! My advice to you is to 'try before you buy'! Send part of your manuscript to more than one beta or proof reader or editor for a free sample. Anyone offering a legitimate service should do this anyway to assess your level of need for costing.
Serious breaches, poor quality advice or work will result in the member being removed from this group. My aim is to have a fine list of good, professional and qualified independent people offering good quality, reasonably priced services to independent authors.

message 2: by John (new)

John Siers | 3 comments Sounds very good, like you've really thought this through. OK -- you've got me as a member. For the record, I'm an author (SF - three novels to date), not offering any services though I might consider doing beta reads.

Fourth novel coming soon -- already edited, but might be looking for beta readers.

message 3: by Aitch (new)

Aitch Diamond | 30 comments Mod
Hi john welckme

message 4: by Aitch (new)

Aitch Diamond | 30 comments Mod
Welcome i mean. :)

message 5: by Aitch (new)

Aitch Diamond | 30 comments Mod
I have tried to cover the bases. If you have any other ideas i would welcome them. I want to keep it consise, and hopefully make it friendly. It needs to fill up a bit to get going. I will work on that tomorrow, everyone feel free to invite people.

message 6: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Collins (whitewavedarling) | 12 comments Sounds good :)

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