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Kateblue I think this book is book one of a series--the ones that Amazon puts out. so recent. Last 6 or so years. It is NOT A Mango-Shaped Space Wendy Mass

A little girl, maybe six, is outside, like in her yard. I think it's a hot clime, and I think her family is poor, but I don't know either of those things really. Anyway, it's nice out and she and is thinking to herself about how the auras of plants that she sees/smells are green, and green is good for an aura, but not for people's auras. Her mom's is mostly red, a good color for people, but with a few black and yellow(?) spots. Her dad's is mostly black with some green and some other color maybe?. That's pretty much as far as I got. Maybe a page or a page and a half

I think it might even be a Kindle Unlimited book. I was unfamiliar with the author, but maybe I just didn't notice who the author was. It's not a kids' book despite the age of the girl, but I figure she will be a teen or adult soon and this introduction is a nifty way to explain the magical world. I can't tell you if it will be YA or an adult fantasy.

Thank you all.

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Kateblue ~~
You can "bump" this thread every 30 days or so. This moves the thread back to the head of the folder instead of languishing back here on page 30. More people will see it, and a solution is more likely. Good luck!

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Rainbowheart | 21140 comments Was it magic or synesthesia?

You might want to check out this list in case anything looks familiar....

Best Synesthesia Books

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Kateblue OK, I thought it was magic from what I was reading, but I only read the first few pages, so maybe it was synesthesia.

While looking for this book, I actually read a synesthesia book. A Mango Colored Space, I think it was. It was interesting, but I did not realize it was a juvenile until I was well into it.

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Kateblue thanks for the list, BTW

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