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LibraryCin | 9079 comments Chipper is a dog, but he’s much smarter than the average dog (to say the least!). As the book opens, he is in a cage and the “White Coats” are coming for him. He manages to outsmart the humans and get away: far away, where he is looking for Jeff. Jeff is 12-years old. His parents both recently died and he is living with his aunt, who is making him work hard at her business. But, the White Coats, who are coming after Chipper, won’t stop…

I really enjoyed this. It’s YA, so not nearly as complex as Barclay’s other novels, but I thought it was still a good thriller. As YA, it’s a quick read. The point of view alternated, mostly between Chipper and Jeff, but I think there was an occasional other POV thrown in every so often. Unfortunately, there wasn’t really an end to the book, as it left off on a cliffhanger. I will, of course, pick up the sequel.

Ellen | 2330 comments Ok, you beat me this time! I haven’t heard of this one and now I need to find it.

LibraryCin | 9079 comments LOL! This one was released a year ago, actually! (Though I won it at LT for the "early reviewers". I think the sequel just came out recently. (Maybe they offered it on early reviewers to get people more interested because of the sequel!

I hope you like it! Keep it mind this one is YA, so it's a little different.

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