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message 1: by Keira (new)

Keira Dominguez | 5 comments So excited to find this board! My name is Keira Dominguez and for the last decade I've blogged about Betty Neels and Essie Summers (clean read mid-century Harlequin legends) at If you want a clean read with a Vast Dutch Doctor and a Poor British Nurse, I can toss you recommendations all day long.

One of my guiltiest Goodreads pleasures is reading one-star reviews given to books almost everybody loves. It makes me feel better as an author (first book, a clean magical Regency, just went under contract! Woot!) to know that you can't please everybody and the passion in a one-star review just can't be beat.

I look forward to joining in the discussions!

message 2: by Lynne (new)

Lynne Stringer | 171 comments Hi, Keira. :-)

message 3: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Bok (regency_reader) | 147 comments Congratulations, Keira! Who's your publisher, if that's not still a state secret? And have you read the novels of Emilie Loring? She started writing clean romances in the 1920s and continued with basically one book a year until the 1970s. Considering the time period you're fond of, I thought you might enjoy them. They are very accurate reflections of the manners and mores of whatever year each is written in. Focus mostly but not exclusively on New England.

message 4: by Keira (new)

Keira Dominguez | 5 comments I want to give myself time for the contract to really settle as an actual fact in my mind but it's a smaller epublisher (which medium I feel the romance genre benefits from most) and I'm delighted to have a beginning.

Most of the Betties (my blog and FB readers are all Betty So-and-so) have read and loved Loring--I have dipped my feet in and find them lovely. And what you said about reflecting the mores--that's such a satisfying reason to read retro romance. How else would I have learned that, as long as you keep tossing enough toys into the play pen, it's entirely reasonable to spend a morning seeing to the sheep! (Essie Summers, High Country Governess)

Another thing I enjoy with these retro reads is that they were very often produced by women just hitting their stride at 50. How inspiring is that?

message 5: by Keira (new)

Keira Dominguez | 5 comments Lynne wrote: "Hi, Keira. :-)"

Hello, Lynne! Do you have an absolute favorite Clean Read? Something that you would grab from the bedside table in the event of a natural disaster evacuation warning?

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