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Tattooed Bibliophile Talk about enthralled from the first page. The protagonists are immediately interesting. The setting, the plot, I can't wait to see what happens next! The heroin is not just not who you think she is, she isn't who SHE thinks she is. But a charismatic guy knows exactly who she is and I can't WAIT to find out!

Heidi is an awkward introverted teenager who accompanies her best friend to a club where she can be herself. It's immediately not Heidi's scene, but like the loyal friend she is, she sticks with her BFF. Then she spots Luc, the charismatic and oh-so-gorgeous club owner (maybe?) who of course wants to talk to her. It is classic popular boy meets awkward girl, but I'm interested anyway!

Zara This book was so good
I regret not preordering it! I wanted to read the Kat and Daemon bonus scene *cries*

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