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Hansuke stood in the somewhat worn down looking hospital, his arms crossed in worry. Naoki was supposedly alive, but Hansuke was too scared to check in on him. So many thoughts were running through his head. How would he apologize? Why did he let Naoki down again? Why can't he do anything right? Hansuke furrowed his eyebrows, and frowned.

His frowned only deepened when his thoughts were interrupted by the doctor coming in. Hansuke glanced at him, his cheeks still stained with tears, and his eyes still red. "Is he okay?" He asked, voice coming out as a hoarse whisper. The doctor smiled ever so slightly, and spoke softly as if he were trying to keep Hansuke calm.

"He's pretty stable right now, but his condition could easily change. I feel that you should go and see him- In case anything happens." The doctor said, and stepped aside so Hansuke could step in. Hesitating, Hansuke opened the door and stepped in.

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Naoki's eyes fluttered open, but he quickly squeezed his eyes shut due to the blinding lights of the hospital. Naoki groaned softly, as his he could now feel the pain burning in his abdomen. Well, he was pretty numb, but he knew that the pain was there. His body felt heavy, Naoki couldn't remember much, he had no idea what happened earlier.

Naoki slowly opened his eyes. He began to adjust to the lighting, and was fully able to open them. Naoki tried to sit up, but let out a small cry of pain as he did so. Naoki let himself slide back into his former position. He glanced around the room. No one else was there.

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Hansuke hesitated at the door. He didn't want to face Naoki after what had happened. He was terrified to, actually. He took a deep breath, and shakily reached for the door knob. His biggest fear was that Naoki wouldn't be alive, despite being told that he was in stable condition. He opened the door slowly, and peaked his head in.

Hansuke's blue eyes widened a bit, and he immediately took a step back and closed the door. "I can't do this." He breathed out, feeling like he was going to cry. Since when was he so emotional? The doctor chuckled, and ushered him to go in once more. Finally working up the courage, Hansuke stepped into the room. "N-Naoki..?" He asked softly, closing the door. He wanted to run over and hug him, but he stood at the door, his head lowered and his gaze on the ground.

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As soon as Naoki heard the door open, he squeezed his eyes shut. He probably wasn't supposed to have been awake, so he hoped that he looked like he was sleeping. Naoki's head was facing the door, so he let his eyes open slightly just to see who it was. Naoki couldn't really make it out, but he could obviously tell who it was by the hair.
Hansuke? Naoki thought.

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Hansuke looked up when Naoki didn't reply to him. He sighed softly when he saw that the other boy was asleep. Noticing a chair by the side of the bed, Hansuke moved towards it and sat down. He fiddled with his fingers for a minute. Why was he so nervous?

"Um- I know you're asleep and all, so I don't know why I'm still talking at this point, but I'm so sorry. You shouldn't have had to deal with any of this. I just- wish things were the way they were before. I loved cuddling with you and playing with you hair, I-" Hansuke cut himself off with a sniffle. He rubbed at his eyes, and began again. "I-I love you. As much as I try not to miss you and rely on you, I can't help it."

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Naoki realized his mistake when Hansuke started talking. Although, Hansuke might not have admitted any of that if he were awake. Naoki could feel the tears spring to his eyes, mentally cursing himself for letting himself cry. He slowly opened his eyes, staring right at Hansuke. "I-" he croaked. "I love you too..." he mumbled, squinting from the bright light once more.

Naoki tried to reach up and wipe his eyes, although his limbs felt like lead. Everything was fuzzy, probably from the painkillers he was given. Naoki felt awful for making Hansuke worry, and he wanted nothing more than to just hug the male.

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Hansuke widened his eyes, looking down at Naoki. "You're awake." He stated the obvious, letting a relieved breath. He wiped at his own eyes, and turned back to Naoki. "I'm sorry, I-I had no idea he was going to follow me." Hansuke said, voice cracking.

He noticed Naoki had teared up, and the slight movement of his arms. He furrowed his eyebrows, and gently wiped away at the tears on Naoki's face. He was blushing a bit, yes, but he wished he wasn't. No matter what, he always seemed to put Naoki in bad situations. He hated himself for it.

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Naoki frowned slightly. "I-I've been awake for a little bit.." he mumbled. "W-What happened?" he questioned. Naoki couldn't remember the events that occurred, only little bits and pieces. I'm not sure what happened, but I know it wasn't Hansuke's fault.. Naoki thought.

Naoki's face held a slight blush when Hansuke wiped at his tears. As soon as it appeared, it quickly faded away. "Are..you alright?" Naoki asked, caring more about Hansuke's well being than his own.

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Hansuke stared at him for a moment, and nodded. "I'm fine! Stop worrying about me." He said, laughing as he wiped at the tears. "You're so selfless sometimes." He smiled fondly at Naoki. A part of Hansuke wished he was like Naoki.

"A lot happened." Hansuke began. He took a deep breath, and explained the situation in detail. He started from when he saw Naoki at the bar, to when the doctor arrived to help him. "I don't mind if you blame me." Hansuke said, a deep frown forming on his face.

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Naoki tried to chuckle, but ended up letting out a slight cry of pain. "H-How could I ever stop worrying about you?" he asked, trying to smile. Naoki was overjoyed that Hansuke was there with him.

Naoki frowned as Hansuke filled him in on everything. "Why would I blame you? It wasn't your fault....I'm just glad...I.." he began, before closing his eyes. Naoki was exhausted already. All this talking had worn him out.

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Hansuke reached his hand out, to smooth a few pieces of Naoki's hair. He rested his hands on his lap, and sighed softly. "I don't know, the same goes for me." He said, smiling. He wanted to kiss Naoki's forehead, but he hesitated when Naoki stopped talking.

"Get some rest, we can talk later. Okay?" Hansuke said softly. He himself felt tired as well. He yawned softly, and brought a hand to his face so it'd cover his mouth.

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Naoki forced himself to open his eyes. "I- I wanna talk now..just..just until I fall asleep.." he mumbled. Naoki was acting like a small child. "Can you...stay with me?" he asked softly, a pink tinge rising to his cheeks. Naoki glanced over at Hansuke, who was yawning.

Naoki tried to move his hand slightly, although he could only move his fingers a little bit. He yawned softly, although he didn't want to go to sleep. He was fighting to stay awake, just so he could speak with Hansuke a little bit longer.

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Hansuke nodded immediately. "Of course I will." He said, and scooted the chair a bit closer to the hospital bed. Once he did so, August rested his elbow on his thigh, an then his head on his hand.

"How are you feeling?" Hansuke asked. He was a bit confused on where they stood at the moment. He knew he should be focusing on Naoki, but he couldn't help it. Were Naoki and Hansuke a thing again? Would Naoki forget about him after this? Hansuke knew this was highly unlikely, but he was definitely scared.

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Naoki smiled softly. "Thank..you.." his voice dropping to a whisper. Naoki closed his eyes once more, although he continued to fight to keep himself awake.

"I feel heavy...and kinda...fuzzy?" Naoki whispered. Naoki could feel himself beginning to drift off, but he quickly opened his eyes again. He glanced over at Hansuke, wondering what he was thinking about. He really wanted to just reach over and hug him.

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Hansuke noticed Naoki drifting off. He scooted closer, and carefully wrapped his arms around him. "I love you." He said, and smiled. He didn't move from that position for a while. His head was on Naoki's chest, and he blushed slightly.

"Are you in pain or anything?" Hansuke asked, keeping his full attention on Naoki. He wanted to keep hugging him, but he carefully moved away. Hansuke didn't want to lose Naoki again. Even if the two would never be in a relationship in the future, he' still wish Naoki the best.

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Naoki was fighting to stay awake once more. He brought one of his hands to his face and rubbed at his eyes once more. He yawned softly, and then smiled at Hansuke. Naoki wanted to wrap his arms around Hansuke, but couldn't find the strength to move anymore. "I love you too..." he mumbled.

"I- It's difficult to explain...I feel numb, but like..I know the pain is there.." Naoki mumbled, before yawning loudly. He closed his eyes again. After a few seconds, Naoki's eyes shot open. He turned to Hansuke, a look of panic crossed his face. "H-Hansuke! There's something really important that I need you to do!"

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Hansuke had zoned out for a few seconds, as silence filled the room. When Naoki finally spoke up, he widened his eyes. "What is it?!" He asked, panicking slightly. He wondered what was so important that Naoki would freak out like that.

Hansuke grabbed Naoki's hand carefully, while he waited for him to go into detail. He nervously tapped his foot softly, as if he were nervous.

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Naoki could barely keep himself awake. He was drifting in and out of consciousness. "I-" he began. "I- I need you to..." Naoki paused, before yawning loudly once more. Naoki tried to speak again, but he was too tired.

Naoki forced his eyes open once more. "I-I need you to..." He began, yawning loudly. "I need you to feed my....cat..." Naoki mumbled, before finally falling asleep.

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Hansuke had to hold himself back from slapping Naoki right then and there. Yes, his eyes lit up at the mention of a cat- but Naoki was being very dramatic. He had been nervous for nothing. He stopped tapping his foot, and let go of Naoki's hand.

"Right now..?" Hansuke asked, realizing the boy was asleep. With a sigh, he stood up. He purposefully was loud when he stood, and walked to the door. "I will be back soon." Hansuke muttered, smiling softly when he glanced at Naoki one last time.

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Naoki's eyes fluttered open. He instantly squeezed them shut, due to the bright sunlight streaming through the curtains of the hospital room. "Hng..." he grumbled, as he rubbed his eyes. Naoki forced himself to roll over, thus causing a searing pain in his lower abdomen.

Naoki smiled once he noticed Hansuke was right there next to him. Naoki couldn't remember much from last night, he hoped he didn't say anything odd to Hansuke. Naoki yawned loudly, but covered his mouth quickly afterwards, hoping he didn't wake him up.

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Hansuke's eyes fluttered open, and he yawned softly. "Naoki..?" He mumbled, and sat up. His hair was a mess, and he was dressed in something more casual for once. Rubbing at his eyes, he flashed Naoki a smile.

"How are you feeling?" Hansuke asked him, sitting up in the chair. He looked around the hospital room, remembering everything that had happened. A pang of guilt went through him, and he pursed his lips slightly.

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Naoki groaned loudly. The painkillers that he had taken the night before had worn off, so all he could feel was an immense pain in his lower abdomen. "I feel like...trash" Naoki mumbled, burying his face in the bulky hospital pillow.

Naoki groaned again, although he had to admit that it wasn't as bad as when it happened. "Everything hurts..." Naoki complained.

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Hansuke's eyebrows furrowed in worry. "Do you want me to get a nurse?" He asked, eyes bleary due to being tired. He yawned again, and looked at Naoki. He wasn't sure if he could do anything for Naoki, which irritated him greatly.

"Are you thirsty?" Hansuke asked. He himself was thirsty- his mouth was dry, and it ached. Mostly because of all the crying and yelling he did last night. Hansuke didn't want to get up and leave Naoki though, unless the latter was thirsty as well.

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Naoki shook his head and mumbled something into the pillow, although it came out inaudible and muffled. Naoki let out a loud, slightly muffled yawn again, and curled into a ball again.

Naoki rolled off of the pillow, so he faced the wall instead of Hansuke. "no." he mumbled, even though it was a lie. Naoki was now lost in his own thoughts. He couldn't figure out why Hansuke got help, why he decided to save Naoki instead of letting him die.

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Hansuke stared at Naoki's back dejectedly. He knew what had happened was his fault, but was Naoki really mad at him? He came to the conclusion that yes, Naoki was angry. He ran a hand through his long hair, trying to tame it. Due to sleeping in the hospital alongside Naoki, he was a bit disheveled looking.

"I see." Hansuke replied, his tone rather serious sounding. "I'll be back then." He needed to get out of the hospital room for a bit. Hansuke stood up, taking one last glance at Naoki and frowning slightly. Things would most likely be back to normal when he healed, which made Hansuke feel worse. Would their reunion be a thing of the past? Would the two ever speak again? He stepped out of the room, and glared at the ground.

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Naoki let out a soft sigh, before trying to turn around, and whimpering slightly. He let out a small groan of pain. Naoki needed to realize that he needed to be more careful when he moved around.

"..please don't leave me...again.." Naoki mumbled, clutching his sides tightly. He wanted to turn over, but he couldn't find the strength to do so. Naoki didn't want Hansuke to leave, he was worried that if he left, Hansuke wouldn't come back.

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Hansuke turned around so he was facing Naoki, and shook his head. "I..I'll be back. Just- I need a minute to myself. I'm sorry for being selfish." Hansuke said, voice sounding a bit strained. He stepped out of the room again, and closed the door softly. He felt horrible for doing so, but Hansuke really needed a few seconds to take everything in.

Finding his way to an empty waiting room, he slumped down onto one of the chairs and covered his face. He wasn't crying, but he was on the verge of doing so. He felt the need to distance himself from Naoki- to run away and let him be happy on his own. Fate didn't seem to want things to go down like that, though.

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"Please-" Naoki mumbled. Naoki let out a sigh, and buried himself in the blankets. Naoki couldn't stop the tears that sprung to his eyes, from how he felt to the searing pain in his stomach. Naoki didn't bother wiping them away, letting them slowly stream down his face.

Naoki took a shaky deep breath, before forcing himself to roll over. He struggled tremendously in sitting up, but was finally able to. Naoki swung his legs over the side of the bed, and slid off. He hit the floor seconds after standing up, causing Naoki to let out a small cry of pain. He didn't have any strength left.

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Hansuke's bottom lip trembled slightly as he thought. He didn't want to be a mere stranger to Naoki. He was definitely overthinking things, but he couldn't help it. He sighed, until his head shot up towards the room. A loud clatter came from there, which made him worry greatly. Hansuke stood up quickly, ignoring the lightheaded feeling from getting up too fast.

"Naoki?!" Hansuke exclaimed, swinging open the door. Upon seeing Naoki on the ground, his heart crumpled into pieces. He ran over and crouched down next to him. "Why..Why are you on the ground?!" Hansuke asked, panicking a bit. He hoped Naoki didn't injure himself any more than before, but he wasn't sure.

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Naoki attempted to push himself back up, but he couldn't summon enough strength to do so. He pressed his hands against the ground, hoping he could use his abilities to propel himself upwards, but he was far too weak. Now, everything hurt. He mumbled a few curse words, before trying to push himself up again.

Naoki was surprised to see Hansuke enter the room, he was convinced that he wasn't coming back. "I- I was going to follow you..." Naoki said, groaning softly. Naoki was afraid to ask for help, so he continued to lie on the floor.

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Hansuke groaned. "I wasn't going to leave you." He said, picking up Naoki's upper body and leaning it onto himself. He stood up, picking Naoki up as well. Hansuke stumbled a bit to regain his balance, since he was a lot taller than him. "You shouldn't over exert yourself." Hansuke chastised the latter.

Once he got Naoki settled, he sat down on the edge of his bed. "Why would you care if I left you?" Hansuke asked, genuinely wanting to know.

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Naoki felt a bit better once he was settled into the bed. "I-" he started, before shifting in the bed so he could look away. Naoki tried to respond, but he couldn't get the words out there. He just sat there, frowning.

"Wh-Why would I care? I-I love you.." Naoki mumbled. "And...I don't want to lose you again.." Naoki whispered the last part. He sunk down into the bed, cringing slightly at the pain that shot through his body as he did so.

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Hansuke crossed his arms, wishing the bright blush that flushed his cheeks wasn't there. His heart ached, but he ignored it. "I love you too." Hansuke said. "But- I don't deserve you." He finished, taking a deep breath.

It was clear that Hansuke was still hung up on the past, and wasn't planning on letting it go anytime soon. "You..You wouldn't lose me. We can still be friends, I suppose." Hansuke said, scrunching his nose as if didn't like that idea. He wanted to be Naoki's boyfriend- the love of his life, and much much more.

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"Stop saying stuff like that..please.." Naoki mumbled, rolling over to face Hansuke. He had very prominent dark circles under his eyes, and his hair was everywhere. He looked like a complete mess. Naoki yawned softly again.

"I don't wanna be friends.." Naoki replied, pulling the covers up to his nose. "I- I want to be more than friends..why can't you understand that?!" Naoki asked quietly, secretly hoping that Hansuke didn't hear him. He knew for a fact that he wanted to be more than just friends.

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Hansuke crossed his legs, and smiled softly. "Jeez, you're a stubborn one." He teased, trying to make light of the situation. He played with his hair absentmindedly before making eye contact with Naoki.

"Me too..I just don't know if I'm ready for that. I mean- for god's sake, I finally see you again after two years and I end up getting you stabbed!" Hansuke said, not realizing that he was raising his voice. "And then in the past, I've tried to kill you several times! I'm a monster!" Hansuke continued.

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Naoki mumbled something inaudible once more, despite being muffled by the blankets. Naoki smiled, although it wasn't visible. Naoki squirmed a bit, trying to inch himself forwards so he could be closer to Hansuke.

"Stop blaming yourself." Naoki said, his voice harsh. His head was now fully visible, as was the frown that appeared on his face. "Nothing you could do could ever change how I feel about you.." Naoki mumbled, his face blushing slightly.

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Hansuke couldn't help the love struck expression that danced across his features. "I..Wow." He said, almost speechless. He shouldn't have been so surprised, yet he was. He couldn't believe that Naoki forgave him for everything.

Wrapping his arms around Naoki gently, he sighed. "Thank you." Hansuke said, a crimson shade dusting his cheeks. He was smiling a lot more ever since he had seen Naoki again. When everything happened two years ago, he tried to close himself off.

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Naoki struggled to get his arms out from underneath the blankets, but once they were free, he wrapped them tightly around Hansuke. "I love you.." he mumbled into Hansuke's ear. Naoki pulled away, not wanting to yawn in Hansuke's ear.

Wren clutched a bottle of ale tightly in her left hand. She didn't know what to bring to someone in the hospital, so she just grabbed something from her living room that she thought Naoki might like. Despite being a doctor, Wren was utterly clueless, and slightly intoxicated. She quickly checked herself in at the front desk, and then began searching for Naoki's room, which she found with ease.

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Hansuke blushed, the almost forgotten feeling of butterflies in his chest returning. "I love you too." He said without skipping a beat. He almost started to cry, if nor for the sound of someone at the door. Hansuke wiped at his eyes, and turned to see who it was.

Who is that..? Hansuke thought, frowning a bit. He definitely didn't recognize her, but he had to admit that the woman was pretty. Is she a girlfriend?

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Naoki's face flushed red, although it quickly faded when the door opened. He tried to peer around Hansuke to see who it was, although he had no luck. Naoki used his last bit of strength to push himself up, so he could lean against the wall. "Wren!" he said weakly, a smile quickly gracing his face.

Wren smiled as soon as she laid her eyes on Naoki. "It's good to see you." She said. Wren's gaze dropped to Hansuke, wondering who he was. She glared daggers at him, and then turned back to Naoki. Wren set the bottle on a table, and walked over to the other side of the bed. Naoki scooted over a little bit, to let Wren plop down next to him. She reached out and ruffled through his hair. "How are you feeling?"

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Hansuke looked at the two of them, a dejected expression gracing his features. He definitely was a bit hurt. Naoki, who seemed to have no energy with Hansuke around was a lot more excitable now that 'Wren' was there. He was both jealous, and uncomfortable, but he refused to speak up about it. Standing up, Hansuke plastered a smile on his face.

"I'll get going, Naoki. Feel free to contact me if you need anything." He muttered. His only guess was that Wren was his girlfriend. The two of them seemed pretty close, which broke his heart. Why would Naoki say he loved him if he were already in a relationship? Hansuke sighed, stepping over to the door.

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"I'm glad you're here, I had no idea that you'd visit!" Naoki replied, smiling brightly. Naoki glanced over to the table, where Wren had set the alcohol. Typical Wren.. he thought. Naoki then turned back to Hansuke. Something was off, which made Naoki wonder if he said something. Naoki was shocked when Hansuke got up to leave. "Wait- Don't leave...please?" Naoki said, a slightly panicked expression appearing on his face. "I really want you to meet Wren.." Naoki mumbled.

"I came as soon as I heard." Wren replied, frowning slightly. Wren raised an eyebrow at the two. Who was this man with strange orange hair..no..it couldn't have been. Was it Hansuke? Wren turned to Hansuke. "Porter. Wren Porter." She replied, her voice showing hints of annoyance. "And you are..?" She asked. If it was Hansuke, well, Wren didn't know what she'd do.

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Hansuke stopped, and turned to look at Naoki. "I can stay for a bit longer I suppose." He said, eyes widening when he heard the woman's name. Hansuke probably should've just left, rather than introduce himself. Yet, here he was, holding out a hand for the woman to shake. The only reason why he was putting in the effort, was because of Naoki. Despite being jealous of Wren, he wanted Naoki to be happy.

"Hansuke Ren. It's nice to meet you." Hansuke said, ignoring the annoyed tone. He was going to be nice- if that was possible of course. Hansuke's body mannerisms were seemingly passive aggressive, but not towards Naoki.

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Naoki smiled at Hansuke. "Thank you.." he said softly. Naoki was glad, the two seemed to be getting along. Naoki had completely forgotten how he cried to Wren about Hansuke for months, after the event first transpired. He hoped that the two could eventually become friends.

Wren held her hand out, and shook Hansuke's hand, although she wanted to grab him by the wrist and slam him against the ground. Wren was going to try and be nice, and pretend to be completely clueless about Hansuke. "So, Hansuke, How do you know Naoki?" she asked, a fake smile plastered onto her face.

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Hansuke ignored the slight chill that went down his spine. His fake smile faded, furrowing his eyebrows slightly at her. "We have a bit of a history together." He said, letting go of her hand. Hansuke let his arms rest by his side, and he was a bit stiff looking.

Honestly, he wanted to go home. "Are you a member of the Rebellion?" Hansuke asked curiously, despite the tension between them. Wren had every right to hate Hansuke. Hell, he even hated himself at the moment, but he was glad she wasn't doing anything in front of Naoki.

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Naoki felt like he was going to fall asleep. His eyelids began to droop, but he fought to keep himself awake. Naoki was debating on asking Wren if she could heal him, but he didn't want her to exert herself.

"Cool. I've only known Naoki for two years, but we're really close." Wren replied, her voice laced with venom. "I am. Let me guess, you're in the white fang?" Wren asked, tilting her head slightly.

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Hansuke's blue eyes widened, flashing with sadness, and what looked to be anger. A forced, almost pained sounding laugh escaped from his lips. "Are you two dating?" Hansuke asked, pursing his lips. A slight flush of his cheeks made it obvious that he was jealous.

"I am." Hansuke said, arms crossing. He huffed a sigh, and glanced out of the hospital's window. He felt even worse- it was as if Wren knew he was a bit insecure about being close to Naoki. Hansuke was closed off ever since everything happened, and to hear that someone got close to him while he was gone only upset him. It was selfish, sure, but he couldn't help it.

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Naoki almost choked when Hansuke asked if he and Wren were dating. "I- What the hell? Ew!" Naoki exclaimed, sounding a bit like a small child. He faked a gag, displaying his disgust. Naoki couldn't even imagine dating Wren. The thought of it disgusted him.

Wren cringed when Hansuke asked the question. "First- Gross. Two, Fuck no." She replied. Wren chuckled softly at Naoki's reply. Wren honestly saw Naoki as a brother to her. Besides, Wren was more into girls anyways. "I joined for about a week, but left because everyone was stupid."

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