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Charity (charityross) Time to discuss!

Diana (dianasauries) | 3 comments I really enjoyed the story of Luca Brasi and how the characters were woven in and out of the storyline. I felt like the end of the book was a little rushed with the leaps in time with Kay and Michael. I certainly enjoyed the Midway point of this the most. great side stories with Johnny Fontane. this is the first time in years I've finished a novel in around 2 weeks, which is great.

Tatiana | 13 comments I just finished it too and enjoyed it. I agree that the end is a bit rushed. Even though I like how story turned out for Michael and Kay, I feel a bit disappointed. Otherwise it was a quick read, gripping story. Mario Puzo is fantastic storyteller. I have tried to watch the movie, but it feels a bit unnatural and sort of plastic-y to me. Interpretation of characters is definitely different to mine when I was reading the novel.

George P. | 1234 comments Mod
I read The Godfather last Nov-Dec. I had been intending to read it for a long time and was glad I finally did. I think I took about a month to read it which is quick for me for a book that long, as I always read several books at once, but it reads quick. It's something of a pop-fiction bestseller book, which I don't read many of, but an occasional one is nice for a change. It's a long story, but has a lot of substories within it with the different family members that kept my interest. I think it was great that Puzo co-wrote the screenplay also, which helped keep the filmmakers from ruining it as they sometimes do with adapted screenplays. Which of its themes do you think contributed most to its success- family loyalty, bravery, ambition?

message 5: by Tanya (new)

Tanya Tabone (tanyatabone) Sorry if I'm missing something, but is there somewhere I can see what's coming up in September?

message 6: by George P. (last edited Aug 23, 2018 01:24PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

George P. | 1234 comments Mod
Tanya wrote: "Sorry if I'm missing something, but is there somewhere I can see what's coming up in September?"
Go to the group's home page- you can click the link at top right of this page- and you will see it somewhat prominently near the top. It's Dostoyevsky's Notes From Underground (for discussion 9/15-10/15/18).

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Tanya Tabone (tanyatabone) Thanks George. I use the Android mobile app and it's nowhere to be found there. Had to switch to desktop.

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Nammie | 1 comments I too am using a mobile app. I’m looking forward to reading Dostoyevsky! I read Crime and Punishment and it was fantastic.

Amanda Dawn | 187 comments I know I'm super late with this one (I finished the book weeks ago), but I'm glad I still-even belatedly-picked this one up. This was actually one of the books on the list that I was putting off reading til the end because I've never been interested in mobster stories/movies, and didn't get the appeal they have to so many people.

However, I was immediately drawn into The Godfather, and enjoyed it to the extent that I'm reconsidering my whole outlook on mob stories now.

I love how the crux of the book is the idea of moral code and responsibility yet the events in every way betray the conventional idea of what those things mean. That this ambiguity and contradiction seems in no way apparent to the "in group" characters was fascinating to me. Michael's descent from conventional American boy morality into Sicilian "family" morality, as he became his father he tried to break from, was great to read. It's a great example of the relativity of ethics and what we owe each other.

Also, I read Luca Brasi's death scene on the metro, and I'm positive I was visbly cringing and gasping: it was so well written!

RJ - Slayer of Trolls (hawk5391yahoocom) | 133 comments I love the movies and have seen them several times so there wasn't much in the book that was new to me. I wasn't knocked over by the book at all, but I wonder if I would have liked it more if I had read it before seeing the movies. Also, I haven't heard anyone mention this and I hope it doesn't offend anyone but there is a subplot with an Italian young lady who has some, uh, womenly issues and I found the whole thing in poor taste and really offensive. It didn't surprise me that was probably the only part of the book that didn't make it into either the first or second movie.

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