Goldenmark (The Kingsmen Chronicles #3) Goldenmark question

The Kingsmen Chronicles. Blackmark, Bloodmark and Goldenmark
James James Aug 17, 2018 05:11AM
Goldenmark (The Kingsmen Chronicles #3): An Epic Fantasy AdventureHas anyone else finished this trilogy yet? I recommended Blackmark to friends and family, some are on that one, some have got into Bloodmark, but none have yet finished the last in the trilogy Goldenmark.
I am therefore deprived of conversation about the trilogy as I can't speak to them without giving things away.
I thought it the best three books I have read, Jean Lowe Carlson was unknown to me before I found this series. But I will read more of her work. It can't be just me that loved all three books though surely?

Finished! Brilliant!

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