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Tempting Raven (Curse of the Vampire Queen, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. NA or Adult PNR: woman vampire is special. [s]

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Melanie | 556 comments Read on kindle unlimited, 1-3 years. In the beginning of the book, a family is sitting around their kitchen table. Mom, dad, 2 daughters. They are all vampires. The 2 sisters (they are about 18-ish), don't get along. Anyways, at a certain age all kids get tested if it's determined they are special they get sent to a special school/college type thing to get training to be an elite vampire. The neighbors 2 sons are coming back from this training to visit the older sister. The older sister and these 2 twin guys use to torment and make fun her other sister. This sister at one point had a huge crush on one of the twins until he he participated in playing a really mean trick on her.
She has a flash back about a party the sister was throwing at the house once, the sister locked her in the attic so she wouldn't be seen at the cool party.
The mom tells the odd daughter that the boys are coming by, the other sister is so excited as she thinks they're going to hook up again (I guess she hooked up with one of the twins before), the other sister is like I'm going out with friends anyways to a club with a friend. The boys show up and they are cute as hell, and the twin that she like looks at her like she's perfect. She's grew up beautiful. Pretty much him and her are suppose to be something special but I don't remember. Like they're fated or something.

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Melanie ~~

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Melanie | 556 comments thanks, it's was on my to do list :)

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Nicola (nikki-lou) | 51 comments I hope you find it I wanna read it, sounds great

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Melanie | 556 comments I'm not sure if I'm mixed books here but I believe in the way begining of the book it say something happened to the world and everyone turned into vampires of some kind. There may also be demons but I'm not to sure tho.
Her parents are some big wigs, like part of the vampire counsel/government. The girl also has an unique eye color. I think also her parents know about a prophecy bc they're on this counsel

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