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Nikki ~ The Nocturnal Bookworm (nyxreadsstuff) | 9 comments So I’ve been asking this various places and figured since everyone else seems as torn as I am about it this group would be another good place to ask. I’m planning on reading about 188 of the novels set in the Forgotten Realms as a personal challenge and I can’t decide if I should do chronological order or publication order. I made a chronological order list in case I decide to do that but I keep going back and forth.

This would be the chronological order if that's what I go with:

Neversfall -452
Elminster: The Making of a Mage 212-241
Elminster in Myth Drannor 241-261
The Temptation of Elminster 759-767
Homeland 1297-1328
Exile 1338-1340
Darkwalker on Moonshae 1345
Sojourn 1340-1347
Black Wizards 1346
Darkwell 1346
The Crystal Shard 1351-1356
Streams of Silver 1356
The Halfling's Gem 1356-1357
Spellfire 1356-1357
The Legacy 1357
Crown of Fire 1357
Starless Night 1357
Hand Of Fire 1357
Azure Bonds 1357
The Wyvern's Spur 1358
Song Of The Saurials 1358
Siege of Darkness 1358
Shadowdale 1358
Shadows of Doom 1358
Tantras 1358
Cloak of Shadows 1358
Waterdeep 1358
All Shadows Fled 1358
Elfshadow 1361
Daughter of the Drow 1361
Tangled Webs 1361
Windwalker 1361
Canticle 1361
In Sylvan Shadows 1361
Night Masks 1361
Ironhelm 1361
The Fallen Fortress 1361-1362
Viperhand 1361
The Chaos Curse 1361-1362
Feathered Dragon 1361-1362
Whisper of Waves 1326-1364
Passage to Dawn 1364
Elfsong 1364
Silver Shadows 1364
The Silent Blade 1364
Prophet of Moonshae 1365
The Coral Kingdom 1365
The Druid Queen 1365
The Spine of the World 1365-1369
Obsidian Ridge 1266-1366
Servant of the Shard 1366
Thornhold 927-1368
Prince of Lies 1368
Promise of the Witch King 1368
Road of the Patriarch 1368
The Dream Spheres 1368
Baldur's Gate 1368
Lies of Light 1365-1368
Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad 1369
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn 1369
Balder s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal 1369
Rising Tide 1369
Under Fallen Stars 1369
Sea of Swords 1369-1370
The Sea Devil's Eye 1369-1370
The City of Ravens 1370
The Thousand Orcs 1370
The Lone Drow 1370
The Two Swords 1370
The Jewel of Turmish 1370
The City of Splendors 1370
Twilight Falling 1370
The Magehound 1370
Dawn of Night 1371
The Floodgate 1371
The Wizardwar 1370-1371
Midnight's Mask 1372
The Shield of Weeping Ghosts -964- 1376
The Orc King 1372 (1472 P&E)
Temple Hill 1372
Dissolution 1372
Insurrection 1372
Condemnation 1372
Elminster in Hell 1372
Extinction 1372-1373
Elminster's Daughter 1373
Annihilation 1373
Resurrection 1373
Sacrifice of the Widow 1372-1375
Lady of Poison 1373
Mistress of the Night 1373
Maiden of Pain 1373
Queen of the Depths 1373
The Rage 1344-1373
The Rite 1373
The Ruin 1373
Venom's Taste 1373
Viper's Kiss 1373
The Howling Delve 1365-1374
Vanity's Brood 1374
Realms of the Dragons (varies)
Realms of the Dragons II (varies)
Forsaken House 1374
Farthest Reach 1374
Blackstaff 1374
Bloodwalk 1374
Darkvision 1374
Frostfell 1374
Sentinelspire 1365-1374
Depths of Madness 1374-1375
Scream of Stone 1369-1375
The Gossamer Plain 1373-1385
Shadowbred 1374
Shadowstorm 1374
Shadowrealm 1374-1479
Realms of War (anthology)
Stardeep 1375
Unclean 1375
The Pirate King 1376-1377
Storm of the Dead 1376-1377
Crypt of the Moaning Diamond 1378
Ascendancy of the Last 1378-1379
Final Gate 1380
Realms of the Elves (varies)
The Fractured Sky 1384-1385
The Ghost King 1385
The Crystal Mountain 1385
Undead 1385
Plague of Spells 1385-1396
City of Torment 1396
Key of Stars 1396
Gauntlgrym 1409-1462
Neverwinter 1463
Charon's Claw 1463
Evermeet: Island of the Elves 1371
Venom in Her Veins 1473
The Devil You Know 1477
Wrath of the Blue Lady 1399-1479
The Last Threshold 1463-1484
Brimstone Angels 1477-1478
Swordmage 1477-1479
The Companions 1463-1484
The Godborn 1450-1484
Corsair 1466P-1479
Lesser Evils 1478
Unholy 1478
The Adversary 1478
Cold Steel and Secrets 1478
The Captive Flame 1478-1479
The Rose of Sarifal 1479
Blackstaff Tower 1479
The Fanged Crown 1479
Mistshore 1479
The Restless Shore 1479
Downshadow 1479
The Edge of Chaos 1479
The God Catcher 1479
Whisper of Venom 1479
Prince of Ravens 1479
The Spectral Blaze 1479
Spider and Stone 1479
The Masked Witches 1479
Prophet of the Dead 1479
Realms of the Dead 1479
City of the Dead 1467-1479
Sword of the Gods 1479
Sword of the Gods: Spinner of Lies 1479
Avenger 1473-1480
Unbroken Chain 1479
Elminster Must Die 1479
Bury Elminster Deep 1479
Elminster Enraged 1479
The Darker Road 1480
The Gilded Rune 1306-1480
Circle of Skulls 1480
Night of the Hunter 1484
Rise of the King 1484
Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf 1484-1485
Archmage 1485-1486
Fire in the Blood 1486
Maestro 1486
The Reaver 1486
The Sentinel 1486
Ashes of the Tyrant 1486
The Herald 1486
Hero 1486
Spellstorm 1488
Death Masks 1491

message 2: by Roger, Knight Radiant (new)

Roger | 2031 comments Mod
That's a vast undertaking...good luck, personally I'd go with publication order since I consider that the way they were intended to be read but it would be interesting to read in chronological order to see how events in one book coincide with books in another.

As I write this I'm becoming more and more intrigued about reading them the way you are planning, to be honest. That's a really tough call.

This sounds like a really cool challenge for yourself though and I may consider giving it a go myself.

message 3: by Lancer, Warden of the Slums (new)

Lancer (elancer) | 1667 comments Mod
I guess either would work. I would always read the dark elf trilogy before the Icewind dale trilogy first.

message 4: by Sandy (last edited Aug 17, 2018 06:38PM) (new)

Sandy | 1665 comments so the question is where do you find these books? I really enjoyed the forgotten realms that I read and would love to find them all.

Nikki ~ The Nocturnal Bookworm (nyxreadsstuff) | 9 comments Sandy wrote: "so the question is where do you find these books? I really enjoyed the forgotten realms that I read and would love to find them all."

I’ve bought a lot of them at used book stores. There are two in my town that I check. For the ones on the list I don’t have yet that will be my first place to check. Next I would check places like amazon, book depository, half price books website, and thrift books. I will often check them all when looking for something to find the best deal. As well don’t forget about your local library if you don’t necessarily want to buy them all!

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