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Son (The Giver, #4)
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Magdalena | 414 comments So even though I didn't like Messenger and I was warned in advance by more than one person the Son was weird and I probably wouldn't like it I still decided to read it. I guess it was to try to get some closure and see what happened to the characters but it really didn't manage to do either for me. Also it is, and feels so long compared to the other books.

The forth and final book in The Giver series follows Claire and her son Gabe. It starts back in the community where the first book took place and the beginning is a sort of retelling of The Giver from Claire's prospective since it's also in the same time period as the first book. While I found this part a bit creepy and found the fact that it was just a retelling slightly annoying I liked it better than the next two parts.

At the end of the first part Claire escapes from the community on a boat and the second part begins with Claire washing up on the shore of a small fishing village after being shipwrecked. It started out interesting enough as she meets everyone in the village and tries to adjust to everything but I soon got very bogged down since most of that part is spent with her training for years to climb this cliff that is the only way out of the village to find the son that she had when she was still in the community who also ended up leaving. She eventually does climb out after about 300 pages and when she gets to the top of the cliff she meets Trademaster the most ridiculous villein of all time and makes a trade; Trademaster will take her to her son in exchange for her youth. Claire accepts.

The last part is from Claire's son Gabe's perspective with Claire there but an old woman larking around wondering if she should tell him she's his mother.

Amy N. | 256 comments I was so disappointed in this book. Lowry has won two Newberys, how did she write a book this bad?!

Magdalena | 414 comments Amy N. wrote: "I was so disappointed in this book. Lowry has won two Newberys, how did she write a book this bad?!"

I really don't know it was just such a mess. It's been a few days since I finished this and I'm still annoyed.

annapi | 5155 comments I was mostly ok with this book, but then I was really not impressed with the whole series. I read The Giver long long ago and remember being disappointed after I'd heard so much about it, especially since it was a Newbery winner. I liked it but I couldn't understand why so many raved about it, and the rest of the series was also just ok to me.

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