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Sweet Talk (Buchanan-Renard, #10)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Contemporary Romance/Suspense about 3 female friends met as children while sick in hospital, 2 are now healthy & worried about sick friend. [s]

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Joyce (joyce8) | 52 comments I'm not sure if it is a single book or a trilogy. Three girls met in a hospital as children. They were very sick, had same doctor and were in isolation. They are now adults. Two are well but one is still very sick. I'm thinking it was a suspense romance. I have looked at Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown but have not had any luck finding it (them). I know the two healthy women have romances and the third had a brother living with her.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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When did you read it?

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Joyce (joyce8) | 52 comments I think within the last 10 years. It's been driving me crazy! I can't remember much about the plots. I know the main character was the ringleader and got the other 2 girls to go along with her antics while they were in the hospital. They had a doctor who they believed saved their lives even though treatments were harsh. Being hospitalized for a long period of time bonded them as life long friends. Two of the adult women are worried about their friend being still so sick while finding the men they fall in love with.

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Joyce (joyce8) | 52 comments I thought this would be easier to find. I looked through my lists of books on goodreads and cannot find it which leads me to believe I read it before joining in 2012. I'm certain I read it on my kindle, unfortunately, I have borrowed many ebooks. Any help would be appreciated.

Joyce (joyce8) | 52 comments bump!

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SamSpayedPI | 2075 comments Sorry, no idea, but keep bumping every month! You never know when the right person is going to scroll through.

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Juels | 2563 comments Sweet Talk by Julie Garwood. You won't be able to tell by the book description. The illness is a side plot. However, the prologue starts with the "Pips" in the hospital. There were 4 girls instead of 3. They had cancer and were undergoing treatment. Chapter 1 jumps to adulthood. Three of the girls are healthy but one of them seems sick.

Here is a link to the Google book preview:

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Here's the Google Books Preview of Juels' suggestion - Sweet Talk by Julie Garwood:


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Joyce (joyce8) | 52 comments It is Sweet Talk. Thank you so much!! You made my day.

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Juels | 2563 comments You're welcome.

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