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Ivy ~ I should like to go on an adventure. (loulie1997) | 10 comments Talia had been surprised how short the drive was from her home to the airport, though she had taken the journey many times before. Her mouth had gone dry, and the butterflies that had filled her stomach all summer at the thought of Aldridge had become poisonous termites, gnawing at her nerves. Her only consolation was Tariq, the third oldest of her siblings, and her favorite person in the world. He sat beside her in the back seat of the black diamond cadillac, staring out the window.
They got passed the checkpoints at the airport’s gates, and Talia’s breathing became laboured with anxiety as she spotted her family’s private jet beside the runway. She felt Tariq’s warm hand enclosed around hers, and he offered her a smile.
“You’re going to be great.” He said in Arabic. She let out a shaky breath. “I’m going to miss you.” He stroked her hand with his thumb.
“I’ll miss you.” She whispered.
“I’m sorry I can’t take you the rest of the way.” Tariq said, looking to the plane.
“You’ve apologized a thousand times.” She switched to English, looking for a chance to practice her accent.
“I know. So if you’re going to be upset with anyone, make it Amir, he’s the one who insists I need to be in Dubai tomorrow.” Tariq lathered his words with sarcasm toward their oldest brother. She wanted to smile at the little joke, but she couldn’t stop staring at the plane.
“You. Are going. To be. Great.” He repeated reassuringly with emphasis on each word. Talia nodded, trying to convince herself.
“What if I’m not as strong as I thought?” She asked, suddenly ashamed.
“Then you’re still the strongest person I know.” Tariq he squeezed her hand. A wave of love washed over her at the words and she nudged him in slight embarrassment.
“You’ll come to get me if this doesn’t work out?” Her voice was hoarse.
“I would be on the next plane out.” He squeezed her hand, “Come on. It looks like all your things are loaded.” He left his side of the car and she followed suit. The pilot and driver, as well as the family’s secretary, Chay, were talking just beside the the jet’s staircase, which sat ready to swallow her up. She didn’t have a fear of flying, she had been on this jet many times before. It was the fear of where the flight would spit her out again.
She turned to Tariq, wordless. He smiled kindly at her apprehension and the two embraced. She had said her goodbyes to the rest of her family over the passed few days, but she knew this one was the hardest.
“Promise you’ll write!” He said in her ear. She nodded and forced herself to pull away. He put his hands on her shoulders with a proud look before turning her around and giving her a slight shove toward the plan. She glanced behind her a few times before stepping up the staircase. The group of men discussing the travel plans dispersed, the pilot and secretary joining Talia on board.
Once in her seat, she looked out the window to see Tariq watching the plane as he leaned against the cadillac. As she watched him, she had the sudden urge to tell everyone to stop, that she had made a huge mistake, that she had changed her mind and she would continue to attend Adela All Girls Preperatory Schools for her final year of school. Then her phone chimed.

BuckyJames: I would take tea over coffee any day! Coffee is for Americans. And it can stay in America. Where it belongs!

Talia smiled at the message. BuckyJames answering her question on preference of hot beverage.

LadySage: I’m not American, and I prefer coffee. Black. Thank you. Perhaps you just have not given coffee the proper chance?
BuckyJames: Nah, I’ve tried it with creams, fancy flavoring, and an inordinate amount of sugar. Nothing seems to help. Maybe there’s something wrong with you? Have you been to see a doctor?
LadySage: Many in fact. They’ve all come to the same conclusion. I’m a hopeless cause.
BuckyJames: What a shame. Well it was nice getting to know you! Take care LadySage!
LadySage: At least I don’t prefer sorbet to ice cream! Who in their right mind prefers sorbet to ice cream?! 😂
BuckyJames: I don’t appreciate this defamation of my character! Sorbet is a perfectly respectable desert and entirely underrated.
LadySage: Both may be true, but ice cream is still superior.
BuckyJames: Touche
LadySage: Ok, it’s your turn!
BuckyJames: Let me think… If you could travel to somewhere in the world you’ve never been to before, where would you go?

“Miss Hakim?” Chay asked, emerging from the cockpit, “The pilot says we’re ready to take off, he needs the phones turned off to get a good connection with the towers.” he took out his own, switching it to airplane mode. Talia nodded tersely, quickly trying to think of an answer to the question before turning it off. She suddenly realized the tension in her stomach had melted at the odd banter she had with BuckyJames. She grinned, thankful, and typed on her phone.

LadySage: I’d go to Scotland.

message 2: by cosmic (new)

cosmic (erosful) | 50 comments

[ i don’t think you’re suppose to rp with yourself. it’s just a simple text chat. ]

Ivy ~ I should like to go on an adventure. (loulie1997) | 10 comments cosmic wrote: "
[ i don’t think you’re suppose to rp with yourself. it’s just a simple text chat. ]

(Not rping with myself, my rp partner is BuckyJames, she asked me to kick it off and start a dialogue. We've been PMing)

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cosmic (erosful) | 50 comments

[ i mean, that's fine, but you're not supposed to format it like that. it says it at the top ^

all you're supposed to do is something like this ( i'll use my character for example )

@imhyejin : type type type ]

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