Broken Harbour (Dublin Murder Squad, #4) Broken Harbour question

His sister-Dena??
Judy Mann Judy Aug 15, 2018 08:02PM
Wait.Is it just me or the very very end with scorcher and his sister?? What exactly is going on there?? Don't look at me but they are in bed together at the end...? Hugging.
Please someone cast an opinion on that little slight of hand trick.
What is going on?

The character of Dena was so well written, she reminded me of someone I knew who struggled with similar mental illness and Tana French captured this perfectly in Dena. When she crawls into bed with Scorcher, I didn't read anything sexualized into this- I saw a broken, vulnerable woman seeking child-like comfort from her big brother. Dena is too ill to see anything inappropriate in crawling into his bed, and Scorcher is heartsick over Dena's illness but relieved that if she's curled up beside him like a broken little girl at least she's not dead or out lost somewhere where others take advantage of her vulnerability.

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