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Roxanna | 12 comments Theme: Cowboy Fantasy Book Chosen: Territory by Emma Bull

Seven of us met to discuss the book. I found it to be a pretty good story and the writing is top notch. Before we started, we talked about an app to keep reading books for you after you die. Also, the Old California Coffee Company has a falafel wrap, but someone misheard it as a feel awful wrap. And big news, Burger Bench and Cenote Grill are both rumored to be opening 2nd locations soon.

Most of us felt the book was building up to “something” but then nothing happened. Wondered, “What did I miss?” It’s not clear what is happening in a lot of the scenes. Spoiler Alert: If you think it will all be wrapped up at the OK Corral, think again. We never get to that event. Rob has actually been to Tombstone and the corral.

The cover is random, not connected to the story in any way. The scene where Jesse sinks into the ground is the biggest show of magic in one scene. I like the use of iron and silver connected to magic, that has been a long-held belief. Also, the original sheriff's badge had five points, like a pentagram. Or maybe six points for the elements, earth, air, fire, water, wood, metal. There was some confusion on the number of points.

Most of us had been exposed to the story of the Earps and the Clantons through movies more than books. I wondered about the use of cow hyphen boys and learned that cattle rustlers were called cow-boys by the good folks, the ranchers. Wonderfully interesting. Jeanene shared that all the characters except for Jesse and Mildred were real historical persons. Did Wyatt Earp have the power to influence people’s thoughts and actions? No one knows.

We learned how to buy books from Goodreads. Yay. We discussed books we were reading, including Tobias Root, Pattern Ship, Doomsday, Flash Point (A graphic novel), Hillbilly Eulogy (NOT recommended, very derogatory and stereotyped. The rebuttal is better), Outlander, The Dark Monk (Hangman’s Daughter Book 2), Artemis, Masked City, Marathon Child, Innsmouth series, Hope Never Dies (Obama and Biden adventure), Six Gun Tarot, Women invent the Future, Galactic Empire, Spinning Silver.

Wow, we really are champion readers! On Goodreads, all past nominations and chosen books are available. They are listed by month. Future Polls, starting in November, will offer a twist to let members take one month and propose a list of choices. Be sure to put your name in for either sci-fi or fantasy.

As always, we are looking for new places to meet and have our discussion. Suggested locations included Twisted Horn, Indian Joe, Belching Beaver (original location), Brews Brothers, Partake Gastro Pub, and Ali Baba’s.

See you in September!

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Mike Gonzalez (gonzojoey) | 9 comments Needs tentacles.

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