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The End! (Spoiler Alert)

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Ovidio Perez This will be long to write, but so worth it. I am happy to announce that Nigel is gay so who do we ship him with? I hope he finds himself a nice hot guy. The ship has finally set sail when Taylor kissed Kopano on the lips. It was the cutest most romantic moment and I am so happy for them. I was in shock when Isabela kissed Caleb on the lips hardcore. I’m like what just happened there? Isabela you are so bad. I was so worried when Einar kidnapped Isabela because she is my favorite. I was in shock to realize that Einar enlisted Five in his group. It was creepy seeing Five use his legacy to hold Isabela hand to return to his normal self. I was like he better not expect Isabela to hold his hand all the time. Einar seems to have turned over a new leaf. It was fun to watch Caleb use his clones to break through his mind control and beat him up. I love seeing Ran use her legacy to absorb Duanphen electricity and redirect it right back at her. I felt like I was watching Marvel’s Captain America Civil War movie with everyone choosing a side. On Team Nine side we got Daniela, Nigel, Taylor, Kopano, Rabiya, and Melanie. On Team Five side we got Einar, Ran, Caleb, Isabela, and Duanphen. I liked how Caleb was like I’m choosing team Einar side to keep him in line, because Caleb is the only one who can beat him up. I felt like this split needed to happen. They all need this split from each other to help them mature and come back together united as one. Also, what is John doing? What is John doing with a warship and trying to land it in the academy? I need the next book like right now… >.<”

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Jules NExt book comes out soon and that ship was a mogadorian warship that had went into hiding and didn't want to fight anymore. What sucks is that PL isnt continuing the series which he needs to do. Another thing is that he needs to atleast give six and 4 a chance in a relationship after all it was prophesied and what do we know about prophecies is that you cant escape or change them they eventually come true.

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