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Americans not reading very worldly

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message 1: by Keith, Club Moderator (new)

Keith | 613 comments Mod
A study came out showing that out of the 300,000 books published annually worldwide, in 2016 the US only translated 633 into English - far less than 1%. Compare that with almost 10,000 that Germany had translated into their language. This article asks the question: "Authors like J.K. Rowling and Jojo Moyes top both German and American bestseller lists, but it’s rare for a German author to top charts in the US. - why is that?" A good question....


message 2: by Cari, Club Moderator (new)

Cari (mambaitaliana) | 334 comments Mod
So, I may sound like “that” person, but I always notice when traveling abroad, Americans tend to expect folks to speak English. Because English is more of a dominate world language, Americans may not think about why it is important to read other books. We should consider this in our own book club and try harder to be aware of how to expose ourselves.

message 3: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (tanya712) | 240 comments I agree Cari

message 4: by Keith, Club Moderator (new)

Keith | 613 comments Mod
Since we’re all eager to expose ourselves, heh-heh, as extra incentive I wanted to let you know that I reviewed the books our Book Club has read over the past 5 years, and only one was a translation (The Vegetarian - read July 2017). So we have room for improvement :)

Monique mentioned that her other Book Club did a round the world theme recently, where hosts were encouraged to choose international authors. We could see if there’s any interest for something similar.

message 5: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (tanya712) | 240 comments I like that idea Keith

message 6: by Cari, Club Moderator (new)

Cari (mambaitaliana) | 334 comments Mod
Love it. Another post you mentioned diversity of,books and I think this year there have been a few but we should make it a collective try for Sure!

message 7: by Keith, Club Moderator (new)

Keith | 613 comments Mod
In the spirit of full disclosure, it was pointed out to me that I slightly under reported the number of Book Club translated reads: we have actually read not 1 but 2 in the last 5 years, I somehow forgot about A Man Called Ove - (which the group really liked!). So we're twice as good as I thought we were, but still not that great overall. :)

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