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Erieth lives in a medium sized cottage on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Surrounding her home is a small farm, with no animals, just various crops that she tends to.

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Erieth swung the door open, causing it to slam into the wall. She held a broom in one hand, getting ready to yell. Erieth didn't bother closing the door as she ran out into the fields, waving the broom wildly. "Get away!" she screamed, waving the broom at some birds that were pecking her crops. "Stop that!" she yelled. Once the majority of the birds had been scared away, Erieth wiped the beads of sweat that were forming from her forehead with the back of her perfectly manicured hand. She positioned her hands on her hips as she smiled, admiring her work with the crops. Erieth spun around on her heel, and began making her way back to her house. She poked her head into the open doorway, and positioned the broom so it stood by the doorway. Erieth dusted off her pants, and adjusted her white blouse, which surprisingly had no dust on it whatsoever. She stepped back outside, closing the door this time. Erieth pulled her hair back into a sloppy bun, and began walking over to the well.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments A small rustle was heard in the crops near the small well as Raven crouched down in a bit of an uncomfortable position as he waited for his target. Yes, he's supposed to kill a woman today. Nothing new for him but this time felt well. . . weird. Apparently she was a target for the rebellion, Raven never learned why but he just went with it. This time he did bring stuff with him unlike the last assassination he was on in which he forgot his weapons and had to fight an armed target with bare hands. Didn't end too well as expected but he survived and the target didn't, as expected. Seeing the woman exit her house and walk over to the well, Raven made his attempts to get closer to the well himself, but still hid within the cover of the tall crops. This'll be fun.

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Izanagi observed his target from a distance. He definitely wasn't an assassin, but this target was odd to him. He didn't expect a former noble, and someone who seemed like a decent person to be a supporter of the White Fang. So of course, he took things into his own hands and decided to take her out himself. People who deceived others were disgusting in his opinion, making him loathe himself slightly.

After five to ten minutes of watching the woman yell at a few birds, he sighed softly. He'd have to hurry before the actual assassin assigned to the mission came for her. He thought back to the times when he was in Edinburgh, hearing whispers about a few friends the girl had. He could remember one clearly, so he went with that. Izanagi couldn't even remember the boy's name that he shape shifted into.

Sheltering himself behind a tree, his hair shifted into a soft gray, and the cut became very choppy. The rest of his appearance changed too. His normally dark eyes changed into a mix of lilac and gold, and his choice of attire changed drastically. The small knife he had remained hidden on him, and when Izanagi finished shape shifting, he made a point of being loud when he stepped out of the brush. Having little to no idea how the boy behaved around the woman, he remained silent, keeping a soft smile on his face.

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Erieth had completely forgotten about getting water from the well, when she heard rustling. Erieth spun around, seeing Arata by the bushes. "Arata?" she called out, her voice wavering slightly. Once Erieth recognized the figure, she set the bucket onto the well's edge and walked over. "Hey! I wasn't expecting you today, is something up?" she questioned, her face holding a beaming expression. Erieth played with a fallen lock of hair as she awaited his response. She didn't know why he would be here, but it was a very nice surprise for her.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Raven was confused. Who was this person and why had they come at this time of all things? He was just about to leap, why oh why did they have to come? Shaking it off, the assassin moved back into a closer position. Basically the same spot he was at before. Looking behind himself very quickly to ensure no one was there, he turned back to inspect the new person that had come into the scene. Quite small, strangely cut white looking hair and from what he could see, a weird kind of colorful eyes. Strange, Raven had never seen this boy before. Probably because he spent all his time in Blackridge and not in this kingdom. What was it called again? Edinburgh, right right. Scowling at this new boy that came into his line of sight, Raven suddenly wondered what was going on. This boy, whose name seemed to go along the lines of Arata, came right into his line of sight right when he was about to attack. Okay, this was getting fishy.

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Arata Izanagi beamed back almost immediately. "Well, there's nothing going on, but I just figured I'd stop by!" He said, trying to ignore the awkward feeling he had. It was odd pretending to be someone else- but at the same time, he enjoyed it somewhat.

"How are you?" Izanagi asked Erieth, taking a closer step. He had no idea what her friend acted like, nor would he risk pretending he did. With the horrible haircut he had, Izanagi took a wild guess and assumed that he was a bit awkward, or nervous around others. Otherwise, wouldn't he speak up about it? His logic was flawed, that was for sure.

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"Alright then!" she chirped. "It was getting a bit boring here anyways. " She complained. Erieth leaned back onto the wall of the well as she crossed one leg over the other one. "I'm pretty good, although those stupid birds are back again. I can't figure out how to get them to go away! What about you?" She questioned. Arata seemed a little strange, although who was Erieth to judge. Erieth glanced over to the bushes, mainly because she heard rustling, although she decided that it was just a rabbit or something.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Raven tensed as the woman turned towards the bushes and looked right at him. Had she seen him? Probably not, as he turned and slowly made his way over to the opposite side of the well that his target and Arata were located. Carefully coming out of the bushes, he snuck to the side of the well and crouched down, counting down the seconds until he'd make his move. Maybe he could make it look like an accident, like she'd fallen down the well. But that boy was standing there and it was ruining everything he'd planned. It was pissing him off. Taking a deep breath, Raven then popped up suddenly, darting his gloved hands over to the woman's head and trying to cover her mouth with one and pull her backwards into the well with the other. This better work.

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Izanagi refrained from groaning, and took a large step away from the assassin, and his "friend". Of course he assumed that the woman would be powerless against him. She didn't seem like the type to fight back, but the rumors about her said otherwise. Izanagi didn't trust them though. "Erieth! No!" He shouted, his tone very half-assed.

He stood at a distance, not looking at all shocked. He wasn't too mad, although he made a mental note to work on timing. Izanagi wasn't really in the mood to talk to the assassin. He recognized him of course, but he rarely associated with the other male. So, Izanagi made the decision to remain the way he was.

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"What the-" she squealed as everything went back. Of course, she started struggling against the person's grasp. Erieth remembered that the elbow was the strongest part in her body, and tried to elbow the person in the gut as hard as she could. Erieth was released from the person's grasp as soon as she did so, and she instantly grabbed the bucket by the handle, and flung the wooden object at her attacker. "Yeet!" she exclaimed. For some reason, she didn't turn angry, she was just very shocked. Erieth glared at Arata. "Why you- You were just going to let me fall into the well?!" she snapped.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Raven thought it would be as easy as 1, 2, 3 to pull this woman into the well and let her drown. Guess he was wrong as suddenly he saw the woman fight back with an elbow to his stomach. The blow lurched him backwards as he grabbed for his stomach, breathing heavily as something else came at him. Raven thought the only thing she'd do at the time was hit him that way. Guess he was wrong as something flying at him crushed him in the head as he then moved his hands to cover it and shield the pain. Looking down, he was surprised to see a wooden bucket at his feet. Instead of yelling though, he started laughing. Downright laughing. Never before in his life had a bucket been thrown at him, so it was a first. And the pain from the blows were already dying down quickly, but those would just add to the bruises he already had from other assassinations shortly passed.

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Izanagi couldn't help the roll of his eyes. "You shouldn't trust people who approach you from the woods, dear." He said, realizing that the jig was up. He wasn't going to ruin a friendship between her and the boy he was pretending to be. With a sigh, and a slight glare, he shapeshifted back to his normal appearance. Did he enjoy pretending to be Arata? Yes and no. In his normal appearance, he was much taller, and a few years older. He disliked looking so childish.

Izanagi put a hand on his hip, after assessing that the girl had no items left to throw. "I was sent here to kill you. Although, it seems like someone decided to join us." He said bluntly, eyeing Raven. He was definitely surprised, but it didn't show on his graceful features. What showed was a soft, almost innocent looking smile.

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Erieth’s eyes narrowed, as she glared daggers at both people. She was taken back by “Arata” shifting into some man. Once she heard why they were hear, her whole demeanor changed. Erieth’s face darkened and her eyes became cold. “Mind explaining to me why you’re trying to assassinate me?” She asked calmly, although you could tell that she was about to snap. Erieth’s hand balled into a fist and she dug her nails into her palm. She had no more weapons, but if she could just get to the house, she could probably use the broom. Or, she could try and push both of them down the well. Nah, Erieth used that water for drinking, and dead people infused water sounded pretty gross to her. Most people would have started running, but Erieth did her best to stand her ground.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Calming down quite a bit from that laughing matter just then, Raven just heaved a heavy sigh when he looked upwards, shooting daggers at the shifting figure when he instantly knew who this "Arata" was. "Izanagi," he calmly stated, rising to stand at his tallest. "Your mission. Yours? Think again hot shot, you aren't even one to be killing people. Now please." Crossing his arms over his chest, Raven just stared down his fellow rebellion member, trying very hard to ignore what he would now call a "failed assassination attempt".

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Despite being naturally paranoid and uncomfortable around other people, he seemed pretty close to Raven. Even with the tense atmosphere surrounding the two. It was almost if they had a rivalry going on, despite having two completely different expertise. He put a hand on his hip, shooting a glare towards his peer.

With a scoff, he spoke. "It might as well be my mission. I would've completed it too. Unlike you who tried to pull her into a well." Izanagi said, completely ignoring the woman. Despite the very serious situation, the two were arguing back and forth. Only when the other girl's face darkened did he realize she had said something beforehand.

"Why?" Izanagi repeated, as if he were an echo. Despite his earlier bravado, he looked a little uncomfortable. He wasn't under a disguise or alias, nor was he with someone whose company he enjoyed.

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Erieth crosses her arms over her chest, like an impatient child. After waiting for a few moments, Erieth decided that she was done listening to their bickering. “Alright! If you two could stop your idiotic bickering for one minute, and tell me why I’m about to be killed, that would be great.” She snapped, dogging her nails further into her palms, although it wasn’t hard enough to break the skin. Erieth tapped her foot impatiently against the ground, waiting for a response from both of them. Her eyes darted to the front door, as she began plotting. If Erieth could just reach the door, she could grab something inside, but she wasn’t sure she could make it.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Raven just laughed again, this time short and sweet unlike his last long and gross sounding one. "Ha! I at least think about what I'd like to make out of it before I do so. You would've probably made the poor woman think she was killed by her own friend. Would anyone like to die like that?" He said, putting a sarcastically sad look on his face. Turning to the woman, his look faded into a more serious one as he was about to talk. "Oh? Sad. You'll learn soon enough if he would stop bickering."

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Izanagi shot him a glare, despite Raven being right. Removing his hand from his hip, he spoke. "I'll do the talking, Raven." He said, glare softening when he made eye contact with the latter. His glare returned, only when he faced the former noble.

"Anyways, a trustworthy source has filled us in on some information. Do you, or do you not support the White Fang?" He asked. This sounded like an interrogation, but an odd one at that. He didn't ask if she was with the rebellion of not. If he did, she could easily figure out where they came from, and choose the preferred answer. Eventually, Izanagi crossed his arms as he awaited an answer. He assumed she'd say she was with the White Fang. Either to keep herself safe, or to be truthful about it.

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Erieth rolled her eyes once more. She was taken aback by the statement. "What the fuck?!" Erieth exclaimed. "Why the hell would I support the White Fang, when they killed my family??" Erieth snapped angrily. She despised the white fang, and would never support them.

((I M S O R R Y)))

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Raven rolled his eyes, clearly not having it with Izanagi's words that were filled with attitude at him. "Believe it or not, that's what alot of White Fang supporters say whenever we confront them. And please, we've heard it over and over and over again. 'The White Fang killed my family! The rebellion killed my family!' We get it!" He stated, sighing and cleaning off his cloak.

((Short boi))

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Izanagi ignored the eye roll, and maintained the calm expression he had. "We're not here for your life story, Miss. Especially one that is so bland." He said coldly. Was it harsh? Very much so. At least he wasn't as harsh as Raven was.

"If anything, your death won't be too painful. We're not monsters." Izanagi said, no longer glaring. He ran a hand through his hair, making a mental note to get the roots dyed again. Sighing, he looked at the woman. "Unless you put up a fight, of course." Izanagi added quickly. The rebellion definitely wasn't the greatest place. While they were working together to take down the White Fang, each and every member had their own motives. Izanagi didn't know what his were, yet. He stayed in the rebellion to bring justice to those who were affected by the White Fang, and as immature as it sounds, he might have stayed for a few really attractive co-workers.

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Erieth paid no attention to what the two were saying. She stepped forwards and grabbed the collar of Raven's shirt, bringing his face closer to hers. As soon as she did so, she used her fist and swung at his jaw. "Bitch." she said, staring down at the boy. Erieth turned to the other one. "What are you gonna do? Stab me?" Erieth replied with a sly smirk. She crossed her arms, waiting for Izanagi to attack her.'


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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Raven suddenly lurched forwards, soon face to face with the woman and he was genuinely surprised. But that punch, he didn't see that coming at all. Feeling the pain shoot through his skull, he grabbed his jaw with his hands and groaned in pain. "What- what the hell was that for?!" He yelled, leaning over and placing his hands on his knees. Looking up while heavily breathing (again i swear to god) he waved his arm. "Yeah bud, what yah gonna do?"

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Izanagi couldn't help but snicker at his comrade. Of course the other boy would sass him in his fallen state. He wasn't really up for stabbing a girl, but he knew what needed to be done. Ignoring Raven for the second time, he shifted into Arata. A worried expression crossed his face, and he took a few steps closer.

"E-Erieth..? Why would I stab you?" Izanagi asked, mentally groaning, at the fake stutter. He wasn't quite sure if it'd work on the enraged girl, but he figured he'd try. Izanagi opened his arms as if to hug her, his face shifting into a soft smile, and his body blocking her view of Raven. "You seem angry, what's wrong?" Izanagi asked, stepping closer. Before hugging her, he whipped out the blade he had with him and readied to attack.

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Erieth was taken aback. She was flickering in between personalities, as they were fighting to take over her mind. "Arata?" she asked, unsure about the whole thing. Erieth opened arms for a hug, but then she slapped his arm away. "You snake." she snapped.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Raven scowled at his "partner's" stupidity, his eyes narrowing as he spoke only loud enough for Izanagi to hear. "Don't do that buddy, she's not falling for it. You'll only make her more angry." He sighed, standing back up again as the woman called his friend a "snake". Walking over to the two, Raven placed a hand on "Arata's" shoulder and looked over at the woman, unable to speak of anything. "A snake? You seem like a snake yourself," he stated, a grin passing over his face as he prepared to back away for the next blow he could see incoming.

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Izanagi spared a glance in Raven's direction slightly smiling a bit. He was about to respond before the girl snapped out of it. Is this woman insane? He thought, taking a small step back. He definitely wasn't afraid, but he definitely didn't want to get hit by her.

"What's with you?" Izanagi asked, furrowing his eyebrows at her. The sun beat down on the three of them, the heat being an annoyance to Izanagi. It was so hot in fact, that his cheeks were flushed a little. And no, it totally wasn't because he assumed that Raven was making an attempt to support him.

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After a few moments of Erieth flickering between personalities, her dominant one finally took over. She had no idea who the two men before her were. "Uh...Why are you blushing?" Erieth asked, pointing at the man with the strange white hair. Erieth brushed a lock of her hair out of her eyes as she waited for a response. "And uh, who are you?" she asked cautiously.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments "Uhh he's what?" Raven asked, looking at Izanagi's face to clarify and as the woman spoke: he was blushing. Blushing? At what? The woman? Probably not. His eyes widened as he pulled his hand from the man's shoulder and looked over at the woman. "Uhh, you don't know who we are? I thought you just meet us? Like a few minutes ago?" Wiping his hands on his cloak, he tried to wonder why Izanagi was blushing. It was clear he was blushing because of him. Did. . . did Izanagi like him?

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Izanagi narrowed his eyes slightly, and crossed his arms. This girl's behavior was odd. To the point where it made him uncomfortable. "Did you forget why we came here? I explained the situation a few minutes ago." Izanagi said, fanning at his face a bit, almost dramatically.

"It's hot out." Izanagi muttered under his breath in response to the girl's question. He didn't need to answer her question, but he could feel Raven's curious gaze on him. "It isn't a blush. Anyways, you're not in a situation to be playing around, Miss." Izanagi stated.

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“I’m sorry..I’m really confused. I swear I’m not crazy or anything.” She replied, wondering if she had switched again. “Also, that was definitely a blush. You can’t fool me!” She teased, glancing at the other male, and then back at the one with the strange hair.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Raven noted Izanagi's response and took it as the truth. But he still couldn't seem to believe even the words that he said. They did know each other, it wasn't like they'd first meet. But ever since he blushed, and Raven knew he blushed, it did seem to trigger something inside of him that freaked him out. He didn't like it, not one bit. Walking towards the woman, Raven just placed a bit of an awkward grin onto his face as he stood about two feet from her as he spoke. "So uhh. . . you really don't remember, do you?"

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The first thing Izanagi noticed between him and Raven was the suddenly awkward atmosphere. He pursed his lips slightly, a small frown gracing his expression. Did he do something wrong? Sighing softly, he stayed where he was.

"What should we do with her..?" Izanagi asked softly, so only Raven would hear. He was sure the other girl could hear though. He uncrossed his arms and looked around the yard, frown deepening. "It. Wasn't. A. Blush." Izanagi grumbled. A part of him wished he didn't sneak onto this mission.

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Erieth leaned against the post on the well. She brought her hands up, and began picking at her nails. She was surprisingly calm in this situation, despite not remembering much. "Mhm. Suuuure." she replied. Erieth stopped, deeming that she wouldn't benefit from that action in any way.
Erieth stopped picking at her nails, raising her head slightly so she could glance over at the two men. Erieth tried her best to put the pieces together. She remembered that Arata had stopped by, maybe these men were friends of his?

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Raven looked back at Izanagi, trying his hardest to make the whole ordeal pass by them. Maybe he didn't blush, either way he should brush it off and get it over with. "I don't know," he stated, taking a glance back at the woman. "I guess I don't really know what happened to her. At least she's not angry anymore, that hit really hurt." Rubbing his jaw, Raven looked back at the woman soundly, frowning at her statement. "So, really though, do you remember anything? And what happened?"

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Izanagi had no idea how to respond to the girl. He knew business was business, but something felt off. He let Raven question her a bit, before taking a step forward, eyebrows furrowed in frustration. He decided to take a different approach to the situation.

Unsure if anything would set her off, he chose his words carefully. "This is all probably strange to you, but please bear with us." He glanced at Raven- "This is..Very odd to us as well. I simply have a quick question. Would is your stance on the White Fang?" Nobles, or in her case- formal nobles, are often very close to at least one member of the White Fang. Obviously this wasn't a requirement or anything, but it still made him raise an eyebrow. Especially when he didn't notice anyone else around.

"Excuse me, but may you excuse my associate and I for a moment?" Izanagi asked, taking a few steps away. He hoped Raven would follow, so he could discuss something with him.

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"I remember bits and pieces. Uh, my friend Arata was here, but I don't see him anymore. And I remember something about a bucket?" Erieth rambled on and on, until finally realizing that she was probably boring the men. She was a bit shocked by the next question. "The White Fang? Well, I believe what they're doing is wrong, and they should be brought to justice." Erieth decided not to mention the part about them killing her family. "It's no problem at all!" Erieth chirped with a smile.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Raven turned to Izanagi, taking a glance at the woman before slowly following him contently. "Uhh-" he ran a hand through his messed up hair, turning to his associate with a confused look on his face. "-what do you want? What are we going to do with her? She's forgotten everything that just happened! Everything!!!" Raven's eyes widened, his hands placed onto his forehead as he paced back and forth. "It's not good man, it's not good."

((short boi))

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Izanagi crossed his arms, pursing his lips in thought. "I know. Something isn't right though. I believe what she say though. Did you see how erratic her behavior was earlier?" He asked, lowering his voice to just above a whisper. Settling his gaze onto his colleague, he sighed.

"No need to freak out, we'll handle this. Maybe..If she can prove herself, we can try and work something out. I have a gut feeling that this whole scenario was a set up." Izanagi added, shifting his gaze to the ground. He definitely sounded paranoid, but that was simply his nature. Izanagi wasn't sure if Raven would agree, but he hoped he would.

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Erieth decided to wait patiently for a few more minutes, listening to the two men ramble on. She occasionally caught glimpses of their conversation, but decided it would be best if she didn't pry. Erieth was growing bored though, and decided that she couldn't wait much longer.

"Could either of you possibly fill me in on what's going on?" she asked, her voice wavering slightly. Erieth didn't want to sound rude or anything, since she was hardly ever rude.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Raven nodded at Izanagi’s statement, turning to look over at the woman as she stood there patiently waiting for the two to finish. “I know I know, it’s just all this is, well. Hard to take in. I just thought I’d be kill and go.” Turning back to meet his partner’s gaze, Raven sighed. “I guess not this time.”

Hearing the woman fuss over the two talking about something she probably didn’t understand, Raven glanced at Izanagi, the statement “You explain” darting through his eyes. “I don’t know what’s going on to be honest,” he shrugged.

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Izanagi shot him an almost surprised look. One that said, Really? And you think I know what's going on?. He exhaled softly, running yet another hand through his hair. His dark grey eyes landed on the woman. "Raven," Izanagi began, gesturing towards the other male. "And I are from the rebellion. A job was sent out to the members of the rebellion, and it was to assassinate you." He continued. Before explaining further, he pursed his lips as if he didn't want to admit the next part.

"Raven initially took the job I suppose, but I was curious and went here on my own to carry it out. Which is why two of us are here. Anyways, things didn't go as planned, it seems." Izanagi finally finished, but he did leave an important piece out. Why the rebellion wanted Erieth assassinated. He hoped Raven would fill her in on that. The girl was rather unpredictable, and he didn't want to be on the receiving end of any violence.

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Erieth didn't know what to say. Assassinate me?! she thought worriedly. "Uh- W-Why am I being assassinated?" she asked, stuttering slightly. Erieth wasn't very strong (or so she thought), so she had no means to defend herself with. "I thought the rebellion was supposed to be good. Maybe I don't want to join after all.." Erieth mumbled softly.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments ((My boi finally sounds like a raven. Go figure))

Raven stood there, watching the girl as she stuttered about the assassination attempt. After she had finished he glanced at Izanagi before he finally spoke. It wasn't a simple speech oh no. It was down right loud, full of fear and alot of screaming. Just, alot of screaming. "Izanagi! Why the hell would you tell her that! Like come on man, what are you doing! You're going to make us seem like fools!" Quickly grabbing his partner, he aggressively pulled his face close to his and looked him straight in the eyes. "Are you kidding me. Really dude."

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Izanagi's eyes widened, face flushing multiple shades of crimson. "She deserves to know!" He said, stumbling over his words and quickly forcing Raven to let go of him. Once out of the other boy's grasp, he turned away, practically dying inside. He was obviously very flustered. Why would he think that was a good idea? Izanagi thought, glancing at Raven before looking away after making awkward eye contact.

After coughing a few times, Izanagi turned to the girl. "You were thinking about joining..?" He began, raising an eyebrow. Despite his whole outburst from before, he looked as if he had regained his composure. "A tip came in saying that you, a former noble supported the White Fang. Although, something seems to be awry." Izanagi grumbled, slightly annoyed with the outcome of the day.

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Erieth tilted her head slightly as she watched the two men yell at each other. Once they finished, she stepped forward, about to ask a question. "Are you two..like dating or something?" She asked with a puzzled expression on her face. They were fighting like an old married couple, which gave Erieth the impression that they were together.

"I was, but I don't think I'd be of any help. I'm a terrible fighter anyways." she admitted truthfully. "And ew. I would never support those disgusting- trash people." Erieth said, chuckling slightly afterwards.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Noticing the crimson changes on his face, Raven let Izanagi go by himself as he set down his hands to his waist as he calmed down. He had done the same thing a little while ago and this time, he was blushing. There was nothing to it, no sun, no heat, no nothing. Izanagi was blushing at Raven. A tight knot tied in his chest as he never stopped staring at him, he didn't even reply when the woman asked if they were dating or whatever. No! They weren't dating! But Izanagi had feelings for him as he could see. This was new. Raven had never had feelings for anyone, he also always doubted whether or not someone would ever have feelings for him. This was just. . . strange through and through. He could tell Izanagi had a terrible time breathing after his affair, but now the tight knot in his chest was making it even worse for Raven. The man just couldn't breathe. Gods, he might even pass out from lack of breath.

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Izanagi was a mess at that point. With the flustering situation with Raven earlier, and the girl asking if they were dating, he was dying. He practically short circuited, even debating on throwing himself into the well that was next to them. He was panicking, that's for sure. He had no idea what to say to the girl. Izanagi rarely caught feelings for people. He had always appreciated his life of solitude, but he had to admit he had a small crush on Raven. Small was definitely an understatement as it seemed. "We're definitely not dating!!" Izanagi said quickly, deciding to finally speak up.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments Finally blinking, Raven took a deep breath as he watched Izanagi panic more and more. He shouldn't be panicking, he thought to himself, taking a glance at the woman before making a decision. Maybe I can calm him down? I seemed to give him some support when I went up to him. Maybe I could do something else? Izanagi probably liked him. Raven didn't know how to respond to that. All he could do was sit and wonder why the heck that was a thing. But he wanted to help his friend. It seemed as if Izanagi was panicking and it was getting worse and worse with every word the other girl stated. Walking up to him, Raven just wrapped his arms around the other man, cradling him in his arms. Gods, this better calm him down or I've just made everything a whole lot worse.

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