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message 1: by Zack (new)

Zack | 13 comments Would love some beta's for my novel. Whether you want to give big picture feedback or small detailed feedback is up to you. I'm fine with either, but I'm mostly looking for feedback on the characters, the world, and the plot.

To Walk Amidst Savages:

Phereniki Nix is one of the most respected astronauts of her generation, and finds herself tasked with finding a new habitable planet for her people. When she and her partner Kai are sent on an exploratory mission into an unknown spacial rift, they are suddenly transported to a star system hundreds of light years away. In this system lies Relekep, a world seemingly perfect for them. The only problem: it's already inhabited.
A young Relek named Adriel dreams of adventure and exploration, something very uncommon on his tranquil world with its predictable people. But something new is starting to happen. A group of Releks called the Vappa have begun causing disturbances, disrupting the peaceful society with a strange new idea called religion.
What can the peace loving Releks do against the Vappa and their vicious new leader?
Can Phereniki co-exist with the Releks and prove to them that her people can live alongside them in peace? And can Adriel win Phereniki's heart despite their interplanetary differences?
Thrust into a perilous new world full of powerful enemies, Phereniki and Adriel find themselves working together - unlikely hero's in a race against destruction.

Let me know if this sounds interesting to you and you'd like to beta for me :)

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Bourgeois (jennykatharina) | 237 comments I am interested reading the novel. Please PM me to need my timeline. I only worked in PDF file or word file.

message 3: by Zack (new)

Zack | 13 comments Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your interest. I've PM'd you :)

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