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Shadows on the Pond
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA/MG from mid 1980s about a girl sabotaging beaver traps. [s]

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Fee | 4 comments A girl of around 12/13 leaves New York City with her mother to stay with either an aunt or her mom's friend in the country. The girl knows her parents are having problems in their marriage, even though they haven't talked about it. She has an older sister that stays with the Dad who wants to be a ballerina and seems rather indifferent to parental problems. Out in the country, the girl and her cousin/friend began to deliberately sabotage the traps that a neighbor has left to catch beavers, and when her friend's leg gets broken, a boy that the girl has befriended also begins to help.

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Fee | 4 comments Thanks so much!!! I have been trying to remember this title for years!

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