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message 1: by Elizabeth (Alaska) (last edited Aug 15, 2018 09:46AM) (new)

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 7173 comments I know we can use the author page for book details, but what about an author who is deceased?

I'm thinking specifically about this author's official page:

This author had multiple pseudonyms and not all editions now carry the original published name. (Different authors on different editions - which is correct?). I'd like to use this site to sort it out, so am wondering if it can be used.

(Noted in the fine print: © 2007-2008 The Frederick Faust Trust. All rights reserved. The name MAX BRAND is a registered trademark.)

But the question is also generic.

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 45520 comments Mod
In general, deceased authors do not have an official site. An exception is when there is one managed by their estate or heirs.

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 7173 comments Wonderful! Thank you, Rivka. It's nice to have a clear thought process.

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