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Kate S | 6265 comments How to Play Authors by Birth Year (AbBY):
Read books by 10 different authors who were born in 10 different date ranges. Readers will select a 5-year date range. The beginning date is chosen by the reader, and will continue the progression of author births that fall into the 5-year ranges based on that beginning range.

1901-1905, Erskine Caldwell 1903
1906-1910, Jim Thompson 1906
1911-1915, SKIPPED
1916-1920, Iris Murdoch 1919

Note that the birth year may fall anywhere within the range.

One segment of the range sequence may be skipped, but it must be a full range to be skipped. In the above example, the entire 1911-1916 range was skipped.

AbBY may be repeated once; but there can be no overlap in the date ranges.

For reading in any order
15.1-15.5 15 points
15.6-15.10 25 points
Finisher Bonus: 50 points

For reading in chronological order:
15.1 15 points
15.2-15.4 20 points
15.5-15.7 30 points
15.8-15.9 45 points
15.10 60 points
Finisher bonus: 100 points

A Few Reminders:

I. You cannot claim regular style points for any book you read for AbBY (nor do the AbBY tasks count as combo style points for Reading with Style's 10 and 20 point tasks).

II. All books read for this sub-challenge must be at least 100 pages, based on the most popular English-language print edition.

III. Please be aware that cookbooks, illustrated guides, and graphic novels are not allowed for the sub-challenge. Also, books designated as "YA", "Assignment", or "Juv" by the Brooklyn Public Library with a Lexile score less than 800 are not allowed.

message 2: by Kate S (new)

Kate S | 6265 comments Here is a list of authors to help you get started. An exact birth year is required for Authors by Birth Year. Calculated dates (age at college commencement for example) will not be accepted. If your author is not on this list and the birth year is not readily available - GR profile, Wikipedia, BPL - please provide a link in the appropriate thread.

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