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Megan Painter (meganpainter) | 3 comments I'm looking for about 10-15 beta readers for my work in progress, The Prismatic Legacy. A quick synopsis:

Frieda Raineer is a fifteen-year-old plagued by many of the issues of puberty, and then some. She struggles to deal with the trials of growing up on top of having a paralyzed arm. Things only get harder for the young heroine when she is whisked away from the safe protection of her guardian and her home city of Portland and finds herself in a strange new city with strange new powers. Frieda must struggle to overcome her every day challenges as well as all the new ones being given to her as she learns a whole new way of life.

I'm looking for betas to read chapters in chunks of five and I would expect my betas to contact me monthly with their feedback. After being given a month to read the five chapters, I will contact any who have not reached out to me personally to see their progress. I will have questionnaires every five chapters. I am looking for readers who will be able to read quickly and, obviously, give detailed feedback!

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Zero (jl_sanchez) | 78 comments Sent you a PM.

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