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Kits (0-6 moons old)
Kits do not open their eyes for the first time until they are 2 weeks old.

Kits cannot walk normal (as in, like a warrior would walk) until they are 2 moons old. Due to this, Queens do not let their kits leave the nursery until they are at least 2 moons old, though some wait up to a moon longer if they are fretful or worry easily over their kits or if the kits seem sickly or weaker than normal.

~Opening their eyes at 2 weeks
~Learning to walk between 1 and 2 moons old (this means until they are 2 moons old, they will fall over, stumble and trip a lot)
~Leaving the nursery for the first time (At 2 moons old or older)
~Exploring camp and/or meeting and talking to the elders.
~Getting weaned from their mother and starting to eat prey (happens between 10 weeks and 2 moons)
~Playfighting and practicing hunting on bugs, leaves, or moss happening at least once a week. Also includes games like moss ball.

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Apprentices (6-12 moons) <--- apprenticeship can be delayed due to injury or sickness or, on rare occasion, bad behavior

Before a cat can become a warrior, he or she must be trained to fight and hunt and defend the Clan. At the age of six moons, kits leave the nursery and become apprentices. At this point they change the second half of their name from "kit" to "paw" to symbolize the path their paws are now on. The Clan leader assigns each apprentice a mentor - an older warrior to guide the apprentice on the path to being a warrior. Apprentices are responsible for chores around the camp, such as tending to the elders, in addition to their training. If they work hard, listen to their mentors, and live by the warrior code, soon they will earn their warrior name, and hopefully, one day, the chance to be a mentor themselves.

~Learn the territory within the first quarter moon of training with their mentor, which includes learning the borders.
~Have to hunt for the elders(even if none are made yet which there really should be at least one per clan) and feed them first before eating anything, or bring the elders prey before taking anything for themselves.
~Have to clean out the elders den at least once a week and check the elders for fleas and ticks.
~Have to train with their mentor at least once a week. This includes battle training, hunting training, hunting assessments or practicing with other apprentices and so on.
~Have to go on a hunting and/or border patrol at least once a week.
~Has to have final assessment or something that proves they are worthy to become a warrior at 12 moons or older before given a warrior ceremony.

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Warriors (12-100 moons) <---the definitive age varies as some cats are too stubborn to believe they are too old and refuse become elders.

Warriors are the lifeblood of the Clan. They patrol the borders, keep the fresh-kill pile supplied, and defend their Clanmates against attacks from enemy cats or predators. They fight to protect the Clan for as long as they are able and are often called upon to mentor apprentices, passing on the skills they were taught. During the warrior naming ceremony, an apprentice gives up the "paw" half of his or her name and earns a real warrior name - such as Rubblestone, Beewing, or Bramblestone (note- these are names of cats that I own and plan on making do not use)

~Be on a hunting patrol at least once a week
~Be on a border patrol at least once a week
~If you have an apprentice, you must take them for some type of training at least once a week, and take them of a tour of the territory when they first become your apprentice
~Has to be at least 26 moons old before becoming a queen, though older is preferred.

(This part is not necessarily required)
A Warrior should start to think about retiring to the elders den after 100 moons of age, and will be urged to do so around 120 moons of age.

Any Warrior who gets an injury severe enough to hinder them from completing their duties as a warrior should retire to the elders den.

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Queens (26 moons-120 moons) <--- 120 moons is the latest SAFE age for a Queen to have kits, but even then they run the risk of either the kits or the Queen not surviving birth.

Queens are she-cats who are expecting or nursing kits. They are on leave from their warrior duties until their kits are ready to be apprenticed. At some point when they are expecting and a good amount of time before they give birth, the she-cats move from the warrior's den to the Nursery where they will give birth to and care for their kits.

~Go to the Medicine cat when the she-cat is first expecting to confirm they are pregnant
~Move into the nursery at some point before the kits are due.
~Name the kits when they are born
~Raise the kits with love and affection
~Teach them about the Clan and answer any questions they have or send them to the elders to get the answer.

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Elders (100- until death) <--- Some warriors might retire earlier if they have an injury that prevents them from fulfilling their warrior duties. At 120 moons, the leader will urge them to retire as well.

The life of a warrior is difficult and dangerous, and many die young- in battle, of disease, or from a natural disaster. Those cats lucky enough to live a long life may eventually retire from their warrior duties to become elders. These elderly cats are viewed with the deepest respect by the rest of the Clan. Many moons of experience make them an invaluable source of advice for the Clan leader, and they keep alive Clan history by passing down the old stories.

~Bury any dead after the night vigil (no exceptions!)
~Tell stories to kits and apprentices about days long gone by.
~Advise the leader or deputy or even warriors when they come to the elder with problems

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