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message 1: by Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (last edited Sep 23, 2018 07:37PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
Remember these are spoilery discussions - so stay away unless you've finished this section! Also, please keep spoilers to the things we know in this section of the book.

What are your thoughts on this section of The Path of Daggers?

Need a reminder? Here are the chapter summaries.

My favorite part: Chapter 26 with Seaine and Pevara rooting out the black ajah is DEFINITELY my favorite chapter out of this section.

Happy reading!

message 2: by David (new)

David | 4 comments Well this was certainly my least favourite book so far, by a long way. I've been waiting for the tedious middle section of the WOT that I've heard about and this must be it! (The last three have had tedious sections, especially 5 and 6, but at least they had satisfying endings).

I didn't enjoy reading Rand's chapters. His growing arrogance combined with his troubles with saidin meant that you knew he was going to mess up at some point. I can understand his character development, but I spent the whole time wishing he acted differently.

I enjoyed the other storylines, and especially Elayne finally getting to Caemlyn and Egwene's scheme to unite the rebels paying off, though I think her bubble is going to burst at some point. I think Siuan's desire to retake the three oaths when they get to Tar Valon will make people question the rumour about Logain and the Red Ajah which would completely undermine Egwene's credibility.

I was sad that we didn't find out what happened with Mat and the Seanchan.

Antennenwels | 17 comments So, I finally finished number 8 and I think I have to agree with David, it's also my least favourite book so far. I can't really tell why, it's not even necessarily because of the very slow story progression compared to some of the other books...but rather because so many small things are happening, some might be important, others probably not...it just makes it quite tiring sometimes to not lose sight of what's happening. That sounded weird...I hope you understand what I mean. ;)
I guess it doesn't help that I'm only listening to the audiobooks and there are so many characters, some having quite similar names... I almost feel as if I should reread some of the earlier books. Especially to figure out who's working for the Dark One, or is one of the foresaken. For an example, I was surprised when Dashiva turned out to be one of the forsaken (or it at least seems he is one, why else attack Rand in the sun-palace like this). Where there any hints, should I have seen this coming? And which of the foresaken is he? Honestly, the foresaken being reborn again is a tad annoying. It kind of diminishes the epic fights from previous books, because in the end it doesn't seem to matter if they just come back to live again anyway. Though it of course is also intriguing to try and figure out who they are.

Overall, I am still enjoying the series very much, even though there is an increasing list of things that annoy me quite a bit. ^^ It's kind of weird, I like reading it (or rather listen to it) and will continue to do so, but whenever I really start thinking about it, there's so much I don't like. To name just one example, I know, it's a different time and culture...but the number of times woman (and to a lesser degree also men) are beaten in this world to punish them, humiliate them, break them or whatever...it's seems a bit excessive at times.

Jade (Bedtime Bookworm) (bedtimebookworm) | 124 comments Mod
I agree with both of you - this is also my least favorite book so far in the series. The ending was just so... i don't want to say anticlimatic, because something did happen, but it wasn't the epic ending I've come to expect from the series. The whole thing with pretty slow without a big payoff to make it worth it this time.

I really enjoyed Egwene gaining more power and being able to take charge a little in her story line. I also loved seeing Perrin again for a bit, although I really missed Mat as well.

I don't think Dashiva was actually a forsaken, but I think he could be working for one of the forsaken. I don't know for sure though. I know Rand was suspicious of various ashaman throughout this book, but I still felt that those men turning on him kind of came out of the blue. I wish there had been more foreshadowing of that, although its possible it was there and I missed it. I agree that its frustrating for some of the forsaken to be reborn - there are already a lot of them and they are hard to keep straight.

Scott Flicker | 107 comments I agree with the other comments. I never really got into this book at all. The previous books all had some big moments but this one seemed really bland all the way through.

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