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message 1: by Teresa (new)

Teresa | 2 comments Has anyone else had the thought pop into their head that Meluan Lackless is Kvothe's Aunt?!? He cannot get over the impression that he knows her or has seen her. In TWMF when they meet at the banquet Alveron holds for her it says " I helped her into her seat, her profile struck me with such a strong resemblance that I couldn't help but stare. I knew her, I was certain of it. But I couldn't for the life of me remember where we might have met..."

In one of the letters of court gossip the people were sending for him he read that "young Netalia Lackless had run away with a troupe of traveling performers. Her parents had disowned her, of course, leaving Meluan the only heir to the Lackless lands. That explained Meluan's hatred of the Ruh, and made me doubly glad I hadn't made my Edema blood public here in Severen."

Towards the end of the book, when he reveals that he is Edema Ruh and Meluan is furious Kvothe replies "I know of her sister. Her family's tragic shame. Run of and love a trouper."

In TNOTW when Kvothe first begins his narrative He says of his mother: "[M]y mother was a noble before she was a trouper. She told me my father had lured her away form 'a miserable dreary hell' with sweet music and sweeter words."

Any other thoughts?

message 2: by Teresa (new)

Teresa | 2 comments As I'm reading through these other theories I can see that my thought is a bit shy of profound. Many have already mentioned it as a side note. A given. I eagerly await the revelation of many of your much more insightful theories as well as this one in The Doors of Stone.

message 3: by Japhia (new)

Japhia | 66 comments It’s great! At lest you picked up on it. Not everyone does.

message 4: by Cody (new)

Cody Allred | 2 comments Definitely has to be. Right? And to add to that, soooo much emphasis is put on her mysterious box, which I can only hope to imagine kvothe solves. On top of the relation to his own, impossible to open, box.

message 5: by Chad (new)

Chad | 1 comments I think this is 100% true!

message 6: by deBurrows (new)

deBurrows (alantroll) | 12 comments I think this is one of the most obvious "misteries" of the saga. Pretty much anyone who is not affected by a very volatile memory or lack of focus while reading should pick this one.

message 7: by Tyler (new)

Tyler Patterson (taterpickles) | 10 comments Still worthy of discussion. I just hope we get to find out one day and we all get a nice surprise with more Kvothe after.... that may be dreaming lol

message 8: by Philip (new)

Philip North | 4 comments Dark Laurian, Arliden's wife,
Has a face like a blade of a knife
Has a voice like a prickledown burr
But can tally a sum like a moneylender.
My sweet Tally cannot cook.
But she keeps a tidy ledger-book
For all her faults I do confess
It's worth my life
To make my wife
Not tally a lot less
(Natalia Lockless)

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

I read this book in Spanish and although the translation is good, the poem above couldn't be translated so the "hint" to Kvothe's mother real name gets... lost in translation :(

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