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Doreen (door_een) HEY GR FAM. I'm Dor!

This discussion thread is just my way of posting my thoughts and feelings into poems.

I hope you all enjoy reading my poems! And please feel free to comment/write your own poems or haiku's or whatever thoughts you have HERE!

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Creative Orange (Rumell Khan) (rkrespectedmember) | 1486 comments Or we are here to read.

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Doreen (door_een) Untitled
Feeling lost.
By the terrible
Fate that awaits.

What is that fate?

Your imagination runs wild
Like forest fire,
Consuming the greenery.

Or like animals running free.
Toppling over hills.
Galloping across the sand,
Dangerous territories lie ahead.

Will you enter?
Will you pause.
And think…

Before diving right in
Into the dark unknown.

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