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A. J. Deschene (ajdeschene) | 3 comments Hi, everyone,
I'm working on my upcoming novel Land of Burning Roses which some of you may remember from an earlier discussion where I tried to narrow down my final title. Thanks so much to those who helped!
As promised, I wanted to ask your opinion on the blurb, even though my estimated release isn't for several months; I just want to get onto it as soon as possible so I'll have plenty of time to get it right before my book's release.
Let me know what you think/how I can improve it. All criticism is welcome and very much appreciated:


I can't ever go back to my life of politics; I can't let another in my family die because of me.

Valeon, 1182.

Whenever the Gates of Nisime part, our allies, the L’itians, are granted access into my kingdom, including my hopelessly distant family. This time, my adopted sister brought her five-year-old daughter, Anna, to my room, then disappeared the next day, leaving me to raise the thing I hate most in this world . . . a child
A child who does not share my language.

When Nisime closed again, and our allies were lost, our surrounding enemies resumed a never finished war, which we could never hope to win. We had no army, no strategy, and no warning to prepare us for what came.

Now, the enemy seeks Anna to use her as a war tool, and there are traitors around every corner . . . traitors who used to be my friends. Even Anna’s own father has gained an infamous reputation for betraying his family’s trust for personal gain.

Somehow, in this time of uncertainty, the kingdom’s fate lies with whoever holds Anna in their hands.

What do you think? Would you buy it or would you need more convincing? Let me know your opinions.

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A. J. Deschene (ajdeschene) | 3 comments (Edited)
A. J.

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