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message 1: by Luiz Fernando (new)

Luiz Fernando | 6 comments So, hi everyone!

About a year ago I have read Gardens of the Moon. I had never read any of the Malazan books before nor had any idea of this huge universe. When I finished the book I had a lot of questions, but didn't have anyone to talk about, as none of my friends have read those books. Also, in my country they were quite unknown; only nowadays they are publishing them all. Only when I finished the first book I found this group and its wonderful threads. Unfortunately (or not) I couldn't move on to the second book because I had so many questions; I was afraid I wouldn't understand the plot. I had this feeling that If I didn't understand the whole story and details I would be completely lost in further books. So I decided to re-read Gardens of the Moon, tough I needed some time... I wouldn't reread a book I had just finished. And now, almost a year later, here I am, rereading GoM, decided to get to the end of the series this time. Every time I finish a chapter I come to this group and read the posts. I have a particular difficulty to put a face in all characters in order to follow their story.

So I tought... am I the only new reader? All comments I see are from 2013 or so... If there are any new readers, or even people who wants to reread the series, would you like to create a new discussion group?

Good readings for everyone!

message 2: by Nitish (new)

Nitish Ranjan (nitishranjan) | 2 comments Hello !

I personally feel that malazan can be a bit overwhelming and I agree with you, I had trouble keeping up the characters and story too. I don't recall where (perhaps on reddit), but I read in comments that, “GOTM is like walking into middle of a conversation and then trying to figure out the topic”. =)

I have had help from Tor. They have an entire reread going on here at "". While they have tried to keep the narratives and summary of events free from spoilers, caution is always advised.

There is a link for introduction to characters -

Best of luck and happy reading !

message 3: by Luiz Fernando (new)

Luiz Fernando | 6 comments Nitish wrote: "Hello !

I personally feel that malazan can be a bit overwhelming and I agree with you, I had trouble keeping up the characters and story too. I don't recall where (perhaps on reddit), but I read i..."

Thank you very much, Nitish!

I'm taking a look at this discussion on Tor right now.

message 4: by Anwin (new)

Anwin Joselyn (anwinj) | 6 comments Guys, don't worry at all if you think it is hard to follow the characters. The universe is so vast that the first read is for understanding the overall story. Just keep reading. Don't get distracted with reading lists and re-reading etc. Just keep reading. Have faith. Have trust. It will work out in the end.

message 5: by Lee, High Priest of Shadow (new)

Lee (kiwifirst) | 1508 comments Mod
I read the series by myself the first time round and then with friends that started this group. Buddy reading is great but it takes a lot of commitment with such a huge story.
Of you do go solo. Keep checking the individual threads on each chapter. W did the while series chapter by chapter with no spoilers and in the early books we discussed things at length. There will probably be many answers to your questions in those threads. The group has re readers and new so pretty much every thing was discussed and spoiler tags were used.

This series has some of the most powerful character writing you are likely to ever read. You will get to know over 500 characters! Personally.

message 6: by Scott (new)

Scott  Hitchcock (lostinthewarrenofchaos) | 163 comments I'm doing a reread right now as part of a buddy read in a different group. However it's already up to Night of Knives starting October 5th so that may not help you. This is the recommended order encompassing all the associated series.

message 7: by Rafael (new)

Rafael (game-hacker) | 2 comments I'm re-reading the entire series a third time, on the third book now. God I cannot get enough of this series, can't find any other books that even come close

message 8: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Fall | 1 comments Hello.

Is anyone here planning to read the newest The God is Not Willing? A discussion while we read the fresh new material for the first time would be lovely!

message 9: by Anwin (new)

Anwin Joselyn (anwinj) | 6 comments I am certainly looking forward to the new book. More Malazan and me happ.

message 10: by Anwin (new)

Anwin Joselyn (anwinj) | 6 comments happy

message 11: by Rob, Quick Ben (new)

Rob (robzak) | 1055 comments Mod
I will likely read it at some point, but not sure when. I'm not reading much these days and Malazan books are a tough read.

I definitely wouldn't be able to keep up with the kind of schedule we used to do for group reads.

message 12: by Nikki (new)

Nikki (saetana) | 4 comments Its on my Amazon wishlist and I will definitely buy it when it comes out. I've noticed that this one is less than 500 pages - short by Erikson standards - so hopefully I will read it within a few days of receiving it. As it appears to be set further ahead in time than The Crippled God, I don't think its necessary to do a full re-read of the series first. I likely will read the whole lot again afterwards though :D

message 13: by Rob, Quick Ben (new)

Rob (robzak) | 1055 comments Mod
BTW, if someone wants to volunteer to be discussion leader (IE make the threads) I can create a new section for The God is Not Willing and add it to the Group shelf.

I likely won't be participating (or at least not reading it when it comes out or at a pace where I can keep up with a group read).

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