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Menazia Reborn (The Millennial Cycles, #1) by Guy Lozier Guy Lozier

Title: Menazia Reborn
Author: Guy Lozier
Genre: Adventure - Fantasy
Formats Available: Mobi, Epub & Pdf
Time Frame: 4 to 6 Weeks


Menazia Reborn is book one of The Millennial Cycles. Hosna, queen of the Valyric, must choose the mother of the next Millennial Hero. The one to stand against the vile Darbless. Once every thousand years, a competition must be held to determine who will rule Earth for the next thousand years. Knowing that the Valyric will not win, she must take on this role herself, producing the child that will face the Darbless hero. It is only her secret that will save Earth. Being alone for the last six hundred years after the king was slain, she has been lonely and without love. Now everything has changed. She must search the planet to find the one human who is on the verge of evolutionary transformation or earth will be lost. There has to be one human somewhere that has developed enough. One human who is about to transform. Without this combination of her genetics and a humans, there is no hope. Just as she finds the one man who has resisted the negative paths of humans, the evil Darbless throw out all the rules to secretly cheat, bringing in the powerful Dragoon. No one has ever stood against a Dragoon alone and survived. Their power is overwhelming. As Hosna overcomes each obstacle thrown at her, the ruler of the Darbless makes a bargain with one of the old Gods to share Earth with. The Millennial Hero has been born and come of age only to find the tables turned against him. Having to face the Dragoon, the Darbless Hero, but even worse, he must face one of the oldest and darkest of the Gods to save Earth.

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Desiree - - Mobi

sent in your request Desiree, (somehow I deleted her request but she did sign up for this one.

message 3: by Guy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Guy Lozier | 10 comments I sent a Mobi file today 8-19-2018. Thanks Desiree!!!!

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