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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Fantasy - girl kidnapped and paralyzed, can understand horses, "lavender lady". [s]

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Gayle | 4 comments I read this book within the last 5 years, it was definitely written fairly recently (last 10-15 years). I'm pretty sure it was fantasy and magic involved. The girl travels with a guy who eventually becomes her love interest. The girl can understand the thoughts of her horse, and the horse refers to her as "lavender lady". There is also a prince involved somewhere. The setting is definitely not modern, and there are swords and eating by campfire, etc. There is one specific scene that I can remember. Throughout the book there is some sort of herb or something that causes the character to become paralyzed. At one point the girl is kidnapped by the evil person and paralyzed. Her love interest comes to rescue her and thinks she's dead. but she's not.

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Mel (thatgirlbookworm) | 33 comments Lol I just finished this like yesterday, it's Magic Study by Maria V Snyder! It's the second book in the Poison Study series :)

Magic Study (Study, #2) by Maria V. Snyder

I know without a doubt this is the book since Im sure it's not very common for a characters horse in books to call someone Lavender Lady.

Bonnie | 263 comments Yea, there's six books in that Maria V Snyder's series now, and another spin off series. One of my favorites.

Gayle | 4 comments Thank you so much!

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