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Mark Ueber | 255 comments Mod
Compare and contrast Humiston's detective work with the NYPD's at the time. What made her style so much more effective? What aspects of the early 1900's culture contributed to the NYPD's police work?
Question provided by The William Jeanes Memorial Library:

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Mark Ueber | 255 comments Mod
Grace kind of assumed the worst. She sized up Grace’s family and history and concluded Grace was a “good girl” who would not elope with someone her parents did not like. The police sized up her repressive personal life and concluded she wanted to escape and did so. Grace also assumed Cocchi was the last person to see Ruth alive, so he merited further investigation, especially since he disappeared.

Since he was involved in a kickback scheme with NYPD motorcycle cops, it’s hard to know how much the police assumption Cocchi fled because of anti-Italian bigotry was rooted in fear the scheme would be discovered and how much of it was sincere. My bet is they wanted to shelter him in order to protect themselves.

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