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message 1: by Nancy Roberts (new)

Nancy Roberts | 2 comments Woman who is trapped in a collapsed in building. It is dark and she is unable to move. She hears sounds and find that there is a trapped, hurt man close to her. Over a period of time they converse and become friends. They are rescued and I am not sure if they continue friendship.

I think the book was written by an English author probably within the past 10 years. I am making myself crazy trying to find this! Thanks for your help.

message 2: by Mai (new)

Mai | 1276 comments This one came up in a quick search (the author is from the UK but it was published longer than 10 years ago; in the late 80s, I think) but I'll mention it just in case!
Strangers by Rosie Thomas
Annie and Steve are from different worlds. She is a wife and mother, he is a wealthy executive with a stream of broken relationships in his wake. They do not know each other exists until one morning, on a shopping expedition, they becomes victims of a bomb blast, thrown together in the debris to fight for their lives.
As they lie in the darkness and the rubble, the hours slowly tick by. To ward off fear and death they talk: of everything they have to live for, of their disappointments, loves, failures and their hopes. And so a bond is created that binds them deeper than family, than friends, than lovers. With such strange intimacy, such strange trust, how can they get through the future without each other?

message 3: by Nancy Roberts (new)

Nancy Roberts | 2 comments This could be it. I will have to go to the library tomorrow to check as it is not on kindle to download. I'll let you know...

message 4: by Jo (new)

Jo | 160 comments Seconding Strangers ... I read it ages ago. They do continue the friendship afterwards but ... spoiler ahead

..... iirc, it causes difficulties in their existing relationships

message 5: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 40687 comments Mod
Nancy Roberts, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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