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message 1: by Joy (new)

Joy  (teajoygreye) | 6 comments I'm trying to find a series of books I read when I was younger.

I remember in one of the books (pretty certain it's not the first book in the series, but I could be wrong) there were twin girls who were either teens or pre-teens. They ran away because they were being abused by an uncle or step-father or someone in a similar position.

I remember there being a picture on one edition of them (or one of them) hiding in a horse stall in a stable or barn. It would have had to have been published by the mid-90s at the latest. I definitely read it when I was volunteering in the summer book program at our library growing up. This would have been sometime between 1990-1996, so it could have been published anytime before '96.

message 2: by Joy (new)

Joy  (teajoygreye) | 6 comments I believe the series was about either runaways or foster kids in general with each book focusing on a different child's (or multiple siblings) story, but I could be mixing two series together, since I read sooo many books during that time period.

message 3: by Joy (new)

Joy  (teajoygreye) | 6 comments Ok, so of course as soon as I finally post this (after years of it sort of nagging at the back of my mind), I figured it out. It's from the Elizabeth Gail series, which explains why I never came across it again, since I don't really re-read books that are that preachily Xtian.

message 4: by Rainbowheart (new)

Rainbowheart | 21140 comments Was it The Frightened Runaways from that series?

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