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Unity: Wielder of Power
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message 1: by Graeme (new) - added it

Graeme Wilkinson | 2 comments Hi my name is Graeme Wilkinson and I just joined goodreads to promote my novel today August 13th 2018. I tried to link the book above "unity wielder of power" to my name, however as there is an author with the exact same name as mine, my book is set under their name. Hence I cannot join the author program and put my book under my name as its already under another author with the same name. My profile location is set to Japan if that helps recognize which Graeme I am :)

message 2: by Scott (new)

Scott | 25110 comments I moved your book to a new profile here:

For future reference, if you input any of your books manually, insert two spaces between your first and last name rather than just one.

message 3: by Graeme (new) - added it

Graeme Wilkinson | 2 comments Thank you :)

message 4: by Abcdarian (new)

Abcdarian | 23467 comments Here is the link for claiming that profile:

message 5: by Graeme (last edited Aug 18, 2018 04:39AM) (new)

Graeme Wilkinson | 2 comments Hi, sorry to butt in but I am the other author... I've had a goodreads profile (and been selling my books on amazon) for years. Not sure why you would list your book under the same name when you're aware someone else has the same name. I see that on amazon your author profile is under Graeme Stuart Wilkinson... can you not change your author name to include your middle name or middle initial? Obviously the way it is now is confusing for potential readers – for both of us – and I would prefer not to have my books associated with yours (however good it may be).

message 6: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 45512 comments Mod
Goodreads is not the Screen Actors Guild: Many authors can have the same name, and we do not require them to add a middle initial or middle name to disambiguate. Although doing so is an option, so is the extra space.

I also suggest that you may wish to delete your email address, as this is a public group.

message 7: by Graeme (new)

Graeme Wilkinson | 2 comments I wasn't actually addressing goodreads, I was addressing the author. I know he can use the same name as me, I was just suggesting he may like to use his middle initial as it could be confusing for readers and I can't understand why someone would use the same name as an existing author when you already know they exist. It's obviously already caused problems as he couldn't sort out his profile and claim his book. I'm not saying he can't do it, I'm just saying it might be better if he didn't. Either way, not sure why a moderator felt the need to comment on this...

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