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Anastasia Glinatsis The Baron, Mercia, Fever, King and Country, Wonderful Untouchables, and Zayed
I have recently discovered several books by Thomas Pride. Once I started reading, I could not put them down until I had finished them. Fortunately for me, these books are quite short, just over 100 or so pages. I love this style of writing, more like a movie script without taking away from the story. There are no long winded descriptions about the "chair in the corner of the room being imported from middle earth," yet you can picture the whole scene in your mind.
As for the characters, some you will love and some you will not, but they are all real.
Each book has its own message. Whether it is spiritual, political, lawful, historical or religious, it will change your life or at least question what you thought was reality.
My favourite to date has been Mercia. I love Celtic history and this book somehow hit a nerve. I know what we have been taught but Mercia seems more believable to me than any history book I have read. I cried for the knowledge that has been lost over time. I cried for what greed and the thirst for power has done to humanity. I loved this book.
I can't wait for more from Thomas Pride and I'm sure when you read these books, you will feel the same.

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Leith Masters Hey, there seems to be a real buzz about Thomas Pride right now. Thanks Anastasia for this insight into the content. I cannot wait to get reading. Several of the school mums were discussing them the past few days, and what awesome bedtime reading they are for the kids. Love it when a new author emerges and I can lost in the pages of the story. Sounds like it is perfect for my 10 year old also.

Anastasia Glinatsis Hey Leith, Yes the buzz is awesome. Thomas Pride books will definately be on my Christmas shopping list this year, for both young and old. I hear that there are a few more books being released very soon. Can't wait...

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