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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments

{r}aven (charles) {l}ee {d}orian | male | 19 | rebel assassin | {bi}sexual | aquarius
𝒇𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈: cole sprouse | daggers, longsword, bow & poison tipped arrows

{a} rebel without a cause, is there any better way to die. charles as always been the type to step into a fight just to throw some punches and never to think things through beforehand. being this way, he's gotten himself into a few things over the years and has given himself the terrible nickname he takes with pride: raven. he even says this himself, "makes me the sign of death to those who fear me". raven doesn't care which side wins, the only thing he truly cares about is his own wellbeing. but with the whitefangs growing stronger every day, he's started to get a little angry with those kingdom takers.

{b}orn to a mother who died while giving birth and a father with an alcoholic problem on february 18th in blackridge, charles never got to live the life of a well-fed and well-kept child. growing up, he had to steal food from vendors and eat rotten food in order to keep himself alive. he was lucky to have a home to stay in, that was for sure but even that wasn't the safest place on earth. charles' father would come home drunk as all hell just to beat the living crap out of his son, and that's what stopped the boy from coming back. ten years later and charles had finally had enough of eating out of vendors. getting a job at the age of fourteen wasn't something that was common so the boy took a different turn: killing people. it never made him feel good or guilty went he took a life, so why not? for the next five years, charles earned his name raven and was claimed the angel of death multiple times by the kingdom. it didn't matter who he killed, but it did matter why. most of the time it was to rob the drunken people wandering the streets at night, sometimes it was just for fun. now, he doesn't even remember why he started. all that he knows is this: never stop killing.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments

-------"My lover was right next to me and I never knew it"-------⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎⚎
miles callow [~] seventeen [~] male [~] bi [~] neutral [~] cancer [~] blackridge [~] bow & ⤤

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miles is one of those kids who grew up in a moderately rich family, not rich enough to make a statement, just enough for all those "trinkets and toys". he's fairly strong, minded and physically, and is quite brave to be completely honest with you. nothing makes miles more happier to be hanging out with his friends, especially james, even though he tends to act a little, well weird around him. miles pays it no mind, he knows how he grew up and accepts it. other than bravery and strength, miles is also very kind and comforting. courtesy of his mother, miles never tends to back down from helping someone out and calming someone down. the guy can get nervous around certain people especially the white fang members but will hold his ground unless violence starts to get involved.

born in blackridge under a strong minded, caring mother and a father that had suddenly disappeared from their life, miles grew up with a decent childhood. his father was soon claimed dead and all of his riches flowed straight into his mother's pockets due to the will he wrote them. miles and his mother were overjoyed at the news and suddenly started using the money to build back their lost life. they soon had a beautiful cottage and some farm animals in which they had two servants take care of everyday as well as take care of them. miles got an education to read, write and spell from his mother and grew up into what you would call a "fine young man". he started making a few friends around the kingdom being he would have some support in his messed up town. from then till now, miles has been doing okay. nothing bad has happened to him except the rebellion starting and the whitefangs taking over. he doesn't care about it at all, nothing at all.

iron - the woodkid

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 338 comments

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kuria hāto; clear heart || 22; may 8 ; taurus ||male; homo

appearance(view spoiler) || northstar; member ;whitefang

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"give a man a little love, why don't yeah?"

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