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message 1: by Greg (new)

Greg Jonathan | 3 comments Good Evening (from the UK),

I am trying to write a short fantasy story, partly as ambition and partly as a remedy for my depression, to help me through some darker times.

But I am not going to trip myself up and hope to avoid making a fool of myself by self-publishing a bad book so wanted to request a beta reader to review the first chapter of only 1200 words or so.

I would appreciate some honest feedback. That way I can be clear about it moving forward.

Please message or reply and I will hopefully figure out what to do!

message 2: by Gray (new)

Gray Holborn | 17 comments I read loads of self-published stuff--i'd be happy to give it a look. You can send it to with a list of any specifics you want me to respond to =]

message 3: by Greg (new)

Greg Jonathan | 3 comments Thank you Gray. I’ve sent you an email

message 4: by Greg (new)

Greg Jonathan | 3 comments Thank you to Gray for his help and great comments on my initial chapter.

If anyone else would be kind enough to volunteer, I would welcome the support.

Thank you!

message 5: by Maya (new)

Maya | 37 comments I would love to read your story if you don't mind. My email is

message 6: by Roxi (new)

Roxi Baum (goodreadscomroxi_baum) | 4 comments I'd enjoy reading and giving feedback if you are still seeking? Maybe Chapter Two?!

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