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Lucy Alice (Author) | 3 comments Romance story with a bit of erotica scattered throughout, HEA, no cheating.

48K completed, been proofread professionally.



I don’t even look at women anymore. I’m so off love, I don’t date. The night of the Ice Ball everything changes. My best friend walks into a chill out bar with the hottest woman I’ve seen, ever. Hot enough to melt the ice in my soul.

I’ve lost everyone. I have a home I won’t go back to and a history I’d rather avoid.

I wasn’t prepared for Amber Evans, and in finding her, I found everything. Now, can I trust her to stay?


I dreamt of a Disney princess type love, except in real life, everyone leaves, and happy ever after doesn’t exist.

Meeting Aiden is a happy accident. He burns through my reservations and exposes my raw need. I thought Aiden had a lot of walls around him, but it turns out I was the one running from love.

Neither of us knew that the answers to his questions were right in my office until I stumbled on the truth. If I’m helping save him can he still be my Prince Charming and this my Cinderella story?

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Jennifer Bourgeois (jennykatharina) | 237 comments I love to read it. Please PM me

message 3: by Lucy (new)

Lucy Alice (Author) | 3 comments Jennifer wrote: "I love to read it. Please PM me"

PM Sent :) Thank you!

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